Stay away from these 3 habits, may increase the risk of corona infection

Coronavirus keeps spreading almost everyday. And it is very important to take precautions and stay safe during this covid-19 time.

Prevention is better than cure.

And it is important to take care of a few things to stay away from coronavirus.

Stay away from these 3 habits, may increase the risk of corona infection 

1. Biting Nails

You have no idea but biting your nails can infect your body and stomach very badly.

Your nails may contain bacteria, and some people always bite their nails because it is their habit to do so.

But biting nails can increase the chances of  suffering from some serious infection which may also increase your chances of getting close to this deadly disease coronavirus.

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2. Wear Clean Clothes

Don`t forget to wear clean clothes every day.

It is very important to stay clean to stay habit. Some people have a habit of wearing their same clothes for days, especially during winter time.

this habit is also very bad and could be dangerous. Therefore it is important to wear clean clothes every day.

Wearing same and dirty clothes every day may increase the chances of getting corona infection or symptoms.

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3. Eat Right

First of all always wash your hand before eating. And try to avoid eating outside. Eat healthy home cooked or clean and healthy food only.

Eating wrong or eating outside everyday plus eating without washing your hands may also increase the chances of  getting infected.