Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Too Much

Using your mobile phone too much can bring you a lot of health problems. 

And you should definitely know about these health problems that may occur because of using mobile too much.

Here are some disadvatages of using mobile too much.

1. Irritability

Many people stay on their mobile phones till late night, so that their body is not able to get as much sleep as they need. 

When sleep is not complete, their brain does not get complete rest and then this is the reason for irritability and annoyance.

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2. Vision Problem

Our eyes have a very bad effect on the light emanating from the mobile. Due to the high Irish mobile phone size and font size, our eyes have to suffer a lot.

3. Headache

Using mobile phone too much will also give you a very very bad headache.

4. Bodyache

Not just eyes related problem or headache, but sitting or lying down at the same place and using your mobile phone for hours also gives bodyache.

This bodyache may also cause some serious health problems in future.

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Using mobile phone too much may cause many other health problems also.

Therefore it is very important to using your mobile phone as less as possible.