Eye Care Tips That You Should Know

 A lot of people suffer with a different types of eyes related problems.

And today in this article we will discuss about some eye care tips that you should know.

Eye Care Tips That You Should Know

1. Get up before sunrise in the morning and after getting up, fill the mouth with water and splash cold water on the closed eyes 20-25 times. 

Remember, the mouth should be watery while splattering or washing the face with water.

2. Never wash your eyes with warm water because it is not good for your eyes.

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3. If you feel sleepy, heaviness in the eyes, irritation or fatigue, close the eyes immediately and give them some rest.

4. Eat carrot and green vegetables. Eating green veggies and carrort will improve your eyesight.

5. Waking up late at night and sleeping late after sunrise is harmful to the eyes. 

If you have to stay awake till late night, then one hour should drink a glass of cold water.

6. Do you know crying sometimes is good for your eyes ?

No i am not saying that you should fake your tears or force yourself to cry.

But crying sometimes clear and clean your eyes naturally.

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7. Don`t sleep too much or too less. Have a good proper sleep and give rest to your eyes.

8. Try your best to avoid laptop, mobile, tv and computer screen when you don`t need to use these things.