Home Remedies For Early Age White Hair Problem

 If you are getting white hair then try these home remedies


Here are some home remedies for those people who are suffering from early white hair problem

1. If your hair starts to turn white very soon, then using amla and jaggery flowers will be very beneficial for you. 

Make a gooseberry, jaggery and sesame paste. Mixing a few drops of coconut oil in it will help in massaging the scalp.

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 2. Finely grind some pieces of onion in the mixer. After this, squeeze it and massage it on the scalp with its juice. Doing this twice a week will benefit.

3. Black Tea Potion

To make this, take a glass of water and 2 teaspoons black tea leaves. Add a teaspoon of salt to it. Reduce it to half. Let it cool down. Apply this mixture on washed hair. This is a natural way to dye your hair. Black tea can also help make your hair shiny.

4. Mix curry leaves in coconut oil and boil it well. Then after leaving the mixture out of the leaves, cool it and massage it in your hair. Shampoo clean after about 1 hour.

5.By taking one teaspoon of gooseberry powder with water daily before bedtime, the hair does not become white for a very long time.

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If these home remedies don`t work for you in that case you should see a doctor for early age white hair problem.