Home Remedies for Constipation, Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies and Abstinence


Constipation is a problem due to which the stomach of the patient is not cleaned properly and there are many problems during defecation. 

Due to this, the patient has to go to the toilet many times. Laziness remains throughout the day due to lack of clean stomach. There is no mind in any work. 

Due to the problem of constipation, it is necessary to force more to pass stool, sitting for hours. Not only this, a person has to eat and drink very thoughtfully. 

Is this happening to you as well, are you also troubled by constipation, and want home remedies for constipation?

Well just sit and relax because today you will learn some new ways to get rid of your constipation at home.

Follow these home remedies to get rid of this painful constipation

Home remedies for constipation

1. Eat as much fiber as possible

If constipation is to be eliminated, water and fibrous food should be used more and more in food. For this, you can eat papaya, oatmeal, whole grains, vegetables and tomato soup etc.

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2. Isabgol relieves constipation

If the stomach is not clean or if there is constipation problem, then the best solution for this is Isabgol husk is easily available in the market. Soak two teaspoons of isabgol in water for a few hours, then drink it in the morning with sugar and water. Not only this, you can also eat Isabagol with curd.

3. Treatment of constipation with gram

Gram is very beneficial in constipation. Eating it or boiling it is more beneficial. You can also eat gram roti in wheat bread. Another remedy which helps in relieving constipation.

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4. Cumin and dry ginger treat constipation

You should grind cumin and dry ginger and put them on gram. After an hour, drink gram soaked water too. This will relieve constipation.

5. Treatment of constipation with lemon

Lemon is beneficial in many stomach diseases. Drinking lemon juice in mild lukewarm water in the morning causes stomach. Apart from this, drink it before going to bed at night and clean the stomach in the morning.