3 Bad Health Effect OF Playing Games Online: Must Read

Bad Effect OF Playing Games Online


NO, i am not saying that you should stop or quit playing online games.

Of course you can play games on your smartphone/ laptop.

But, according to some studies, people are becoming very very addective to online games.

And spending hours and hours on playing these online games on their smartphones/ laptops, are causing bad effects on their health.

There are a lot of bad health effects of playing games online.

3 Of Them Are :

1. Bad Effect On Mental And Physical Health Of Playing Games Online

When a person spends hours and hours on their bed, couch or chair, to play games online, that too for a very long hours.

In that case, adults or children may lose interest in other important things like studies, work and other important things of daily life.

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There are many cases where adults and children had lost interest in doing anything like studying, eating, going outside of their house or work hard to earn, just because of playing online games all the time.

Many children failed their exams, lost appetite, even some people starting losing interest to work at home or outside home just because of this dangerous addiction of playing their favourite game online.

According to some latest reports, one boy even got paralised because of playing games for hours. 


This boy spent lots and lots of hours playing games on his PC, and one day when he tried to get up from his chair, he couldn`t even move his legs.

Not only this, you might experience differnt types of mental and health probelms if you spend many many hours online to play online games.

Depression and Anxiety: Mental health and physical health both are very important. you might get depressed and experience anxiety after some period of time while spending all your day in front of youtrr smartphone and laptop to play games online.

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2. Eye Vision Problems

Preople - Adults and children who are spending hours and hours on their smartphones and laptops, to play online games are facing eye vision problems.

Those who play games for hours and hours on their electronic devices are ex[eriencing blur, bad eye vision problems.

The more time you spend playing games on your electronic devices, the more your eyes starts losing its vision.

You may experience  heaviness, pressure, strain and pain right above your eyes, near your eyebrows.


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And this way, you might need to see an eye doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor may also prescribe you a new number.

Which means, you will have to wear eye glasses (specs) to save your eyes.

Even if you have weak eye vision already and you wear specs, in tht case, you might experience an increase in number of your eye glasses.

And later, your doctor may ask you to change your glasses.

3. Back And Neck Pain

You might get neck and back pain, while playing games online like a crazy person, who spends day and night playing games on their smartphones and  laptops.

It doesn`t matter if you are playing games while sitting or while lying down on your bed.

You might experience bak and neck pain while playing games for hours and hours.

And this pain may change in severe pain in future. And this severe back and neck pain can even make a person misrable.

So start spending less time on your electronic devices to play games online for so many hours.



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You might have no idea, how this gaming addiction can ruin you mental and physical health. This addiction of people ruin their life and health plus it also ruins their family`s life and health.

So if your also spending hours and hours on your laptop or mobile screen, well in that case you should staret focusing on your goals and spend as less time as you can on your screens to play these online games.

You can play online games but you should play them in a limit to save yourself  from any kind of a dangerous mental or physical health problem.