First Case Of Covid-19 Where a Mumbai Based Woman Suffered Miscarriage Due To Covid-19


A female security guard from Mumbai, recently underwent a miscarriage.

According to the reports this might have happened due to an inflammation in the foetus.

Because the mother of this unborn child, (foetus) had been infected with the novel coronavirus.

This is the first case of miscarriage due to covid has been reported in Mumbai. The placenta, fetus were also found to be positive. 

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The woman had an infection of Covid-19 in her child.

Pregnant women need more vigilance during this corona period. 

Doctors are surprised by the corona virus attack on the umbilical cord of a woman pregnant for three months in Mumbai. 

It is being said that due to Covid-19 infection, the woman got miscarried. 

According to the National Institute of Research in Reproductive Health, which is researching this case, this is the first such case.

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According to Dr. Smita Mahale, director of the National Institute of Research in Reproductive Health, 

"The placenta of this patient was infested. Tested by RTPCR, came positive. The placenta and fluid positive came. 

Aborted fetuses also came positive. 

In this case we understand that there was an infection from mother to child. It is not that vertical transmission can happen in all cases. According to the report, 8-10% pregnant women can transfer the infection to their children.