3.8 cm Long Worm Found In The Woman's Throat, After Complaning Throat Pain

3.8 cm Long Worm Found In The Woman's Throat


Doctors have extracted a 3.8 cm long worm found in the woman's throat, after complaning throat pain.

A young woman was suffering from a sore throat and throat pain, so she decided to go to the doctor immediately. 

But what doctors found after doing some important tests for this woman`s throat was really shocking.

They found a parasitic worm in the throat of this young woman. 

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Whst Happened To The Lady ?

Well, the doctors extracted this parasitic worm out of her throat successfully.

However, the worm did not die and was still alive in the throat. The woman was shocked to see the worm.

It was about 3.8 cm long. 

The lady told the doctor that said she ate sashimi 5 days ago. That is, the fish is served with raw sauce without cooking there.

She said she had a sore throat 5 days after eating it. 

Thus the worm inside the fish may have been alive, and when it was eaten unnoticed it remained intact in the throat

Things like this can happen to anyone, in fact the medical experts warn that only non-vegetarian foods should be well cooked and eaten.

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But Who Is This Woman ? Who Had A 3.8 cm Long Worm In Her Throat ?

This is the story of a 25 year old young woman from Tokyo, according to the reports, she is doing fine now.