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Vodafone Deducted 99 Rs

Vodafone deducted 99 rs from my balance last night.

Please read this carefully. 

Today on June 2nd, 2020. I received a message that vodafone has deducted 99 rs from my balance for activating International Roaming Service.


I was totally shocked and tensed because i never activated any service on my number.

Checkout this message from vodafome below in this screenshot ⇓

Vodafone Deducted 99 Rs


I couldn`t sleep all night because i was worried if  i accidently activated International roaming service, and i wanted to deactivate it.

I did everything i could to deactivate this International Roaming service where vodafone deducted 99 Rs from my balance.

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But whenever i checked vodafone app or called 199 to check my Active Plans, it just said that, "There are no active plans on your number".

I decided to check Instagram page and twitter page of Vodafonein (India) and guess what ?

I found a bunch of messages with the same message - vodafone deducted 99 Rs, on vodafonein`s page on twitter and instagram, etc.

Well i have no idea why this happened and i am afraid it can happen again.

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There are people who are dying everyday because they don`t have money to buy food.

And we are facing such issues during this painful time.

I kindly request to refund (give us our 99 rs back as soon as possible).

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And please let us know why you did this to your vodafone customers.

I feel like quitting vodaone now because Vodafone Deducted 99 Rs today from my balance but in past also i had to face things like this.

This is absolutely wrong.

Please solve this issue and refund our money back.


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(Things like this can affect people`s mental health. Because things like this can happen again and again).


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Hey Guys, i am trying to contact vodafone customare care. If i will be able to solve this issue, then i will write a post on how you can get back your 99 rs.

Stay tuned !

Got it Back, Just Now) Read Below ⇓

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