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Do You Really Care About Your Parents Mental Health ?

Your Parents Mental Health

Hello guys !

I hope you guys are doing great.

Today we will discuss about your parents mental health.


We all know that health is very very important thing. You can only work, play, study, party, travel and do other things in life only if you are in good health.

In short, Health is everything in life. And its about both mental and physical health.

It is very important to have a good mental and physical health.

Not just your mental health but you parents mental health is also very important.

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Your parents are the one who will do everything and anything for you. They will do anything to keep you happy in life.


Your parents work hard to earn money, to give you everything in life, to make all your wishes come true.

Your mother cooks your favourite food everyday to fill your stomach.

Your parents are always ready to buy some very good clothes, toys, shoes, etc for you, to keep you happy.

When you get sad or sick, your parents get worried, they will do anything to help you in getting rid of your sickness or sadness.

Parents love is unconditional.

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But when you grow up, you get busy in life, you start focusing on a lot of useful and useless things.

And these days, people have a lot of time to think about their partner, friends etc.

No matter how busy they are, they are always ready to spend a lot of time on social media.


But have you ever thought of your parents ? about their mental health ?

Are they really happy ?  happy with you ? happy with your life ? happy with their own life ?

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Do you even know the right answer to these questions ? 

Do you have guts to sit with your patents and ask them if they are happy and satisfied with everything around them ?

You know what ?

Even if they have a lot of problems and worries in life, they will never show it you because they don`t want you to worry about them.

It doesn`t matter if you are leading a very good life or bad life, it is your duty to keep your parents happy.

It is your duty to take care of their physical and mental health.

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Spend some time with your parents every single day. Cook or make a cup of tea for them. Ask them if they need something ?


If they ever ask you to help them with something or if they ever ask you to do something for them. Just do it without making any excuses.

And always remember that they are your parents and you have to respect them and keep them happy and satisfied in life. 

There are a lot of parents who are having mental health issues because of their own children. Because their children don`t treat them right.

Your parents will always be there for you if you need them. And you should also be there for your parents when they need you.

Just sit and think once if you are really a good child. Just sit and think if you are really keeping them happy ?


If your answer is "YES". Congratulations. You are the best kid in the world and if your answer is "NO". Congratulations again, because you are the worst.

Just change yopurself and start taking care about your parents mental health by keeping them happy in life.

Respect them, give them what they need, be there for them whenever they need you. 

Now stand up and make some Tea or coffee for them, and see what happens :)

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