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Top 13 Signs Of Depression You Should Know

Here Are Top 13 Signs Of Depression That You Should Know
1. Talking about death, Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts.

2.  Feeling sad and moody all the time.

3. Getting angry for no reason or being rude.

4. Sleeping all day.

5. Trying to avoid talking to others.

6. Fatigue, low energy.

7. Feeling worthless, helpless.

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8. Eating too much or eating less.

9. Listening to sad songs all the time.

10. Not showing interest in anything.

11. Staying alone.

12. Fear.

13. Anxiety.

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These are the top signs of depression. Never ever ignore these signs. And if you see others with such signs of depression, well in that case you should try to help them.

And if you can`t help people with depression, then please don`t even trouble them or ask them something that can give them more depression.

Always try to be happy and let others be happy.

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This Girl`s Face Turns Rectangular After A Cosmetic Surgery Meant To Dissolve Fat On Her Jaw

Think, Think and Think before you go for a plastic, cosmetic surgery.
A 19 year Autralian girl was left with a rectangular face after she decided to go for a cosmetic surgery to get rid of some extra fat in her jaw.

Her name is Sofia Marroquin. 

On her TikTok Account. Sofia Marroquin shared how her real face turned rectangular after her cosmetic jaw surgery.

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Her video is now going viral.

In this video Sofia Marroquin is saying, "So just got some lovely needles into my face. My family have no idea what i have just done to my face".

Sofia Marroquin further says, "I am about to get my family`s reaction".

She further adds, Her mother said. "Oh my goodness". after looking at her face. 

And her sister told her that she was scared after looking at her sister`s rectangular face.

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But after a while, Sofia Marroquin in a video says that h…

Do You Really Care About Your Parents Mental Health ?

Your Parents Mental Health
Hello guys !

I hope you guys are doing great.

Today we will discuss about your parents mental health.

We all know that health is very very important thing. You can only work, play, study, party, travel and do other things in life only if you are in good health.

In short, Health is everything in life. And its about both mental and physical health.

It is very important to have a good mental and physical health.

Not just your mental health but you parents mental health is also very important.

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Your parents are the one who will do everything and anything for you. They will do anything to keep you happy in life.

Your parents work hard to earn money, to give you everything in life, to make all your wishes come true.

Your mother cooks your favourite food everyday to fill your stomach.

Your parents are always ready to buy some very good clothes, toys, shoes, etc for you, to keep you happy.

When you get sad or si…

Vodafone Credited Rs 99 Back Into My Account For International Roaming Rental Service

Vodafone Credited Rs 99 Back Into My Account For International Roaming Rental Service aT 02:09 PM

Thank You Vodafone

In my prevoius post i told you how vodafone deducted Rs 99 from my balance for activating International Roaming Rental Service.

After doing a lot of research for hours and hours i found that a lot of vodafone users were going through the same problem.

I Started calling and messaging and sending emails to vodafone to get back my Rs 99 which vodafone deducted last night for International Roaming Rental service.

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Finally i received a message from vodafone that you can read below in this screenshot ⇓

Guys if you are still having this issue and wating for vodafone to credit you account with your Rs 99.

Well in that case you can simply mail them.

You can find their email id by visiting their website. Or you can go to and type vodafone email id address.
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Vodafone Deducted 99 Rs

Vodafone deducted 99 rs from my balance last night.
Please read this carefully. 

Today on June 2nd, 2020. I received a message that vodafone has deducted 99 rs from my balance for activating International Roaming Service.

I was totally shocked and tensed because i never activated any service on my number.

Checkout this message from vodafome below in this screenshot ⇓

Vodafone Deducted 99 Rs

I couldn`t sleep all night because i was worried if  i accidently activated International roaming service, and i wanted to deactivate it.

I did everything i could to deactivate this International Roaming service where vodafone deducted 99 Rs from my balance.

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But whenever i checked vodafone app or called 199 to check my Active Plans, it just said that, "There are no active plans on your number".

I decided to check Instagram page and twitter page of Vodafonein (India) and guess what ?
I found a bunch of messages with the same message - vod…