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5 Effective And Easy Homeremedies For Constipation


5 Effective And Easy Homeremedies For Constipation

Here are the 5 effective and easy homeremedies for constipation that works like magic.

Try these 5 awesome homeremdies for constipation if you are suffering with constipation. These effective and easy homeremdies for will surely help you.

Hopefully you wuill get a relief from constipation after reading anad trying these amazing homeremedies for constipation.

1. Change Your Diet

It could be possible that you are eating something that you should avoid right now. Eat  boiled food, drink hot soups, avoid fried or spicy food for now.

2. You Need To Drink Some Hot Water

Drink a lot of water. You need to keep your body hydrated and your body needs a lot of water at this time.

Not just normal water but try to drink some luke warm water. Drink luke warm water 3 to 4 times a day.

    3. Vaseline

    Apply vaseline, petrolium jelly inside your anus. Yes you need to keep that place oily not dry.

    Apply some vaseline jelly with your clean finger, inside your anus. It will help you a lot with constipation.

    Applying vaseline jelly to that place helps you poop easily. It has no side affects.

    4. Exercise

    Lack of exercise may lead to constipation and many other problems.

    Stay active and do some exercise everyday.

    5. Wear Loose Clothes

    Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing tight jeans or tight clothes during this time.

    Try these tips to get rid of constipation. These homeremedies for constipation should help you.

    But if you are still suffering eith constipation even after trying these homeremedies, in that case yoi should see a doctor.

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