World Water Day, 22nd March 2020

World Water Day, 22nd March 2020

World Water Day, 22nd March 2020

Today is world water day, 22nd March 2020. 

International World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

We all know that water is very important for all the humans, animals, birds and for all the living things. A person can live without eating foos for months but we go without drinking water for 11 days.

In that case it is impossible to survive on this earth. You can eat a lot of delicious food at a 5 star or a 7 start rstaurant but if there is a shortage of water. And if there no water available around you. In that case you can imagine what will happen.

Every human being and living in fact non living thing needs water.

We need water to to take a bath, to wash our clothes, vessels, house, floor etc. But it is very important to save water also.

Please use water according to your need. Give your best to save water. Wastage of water may lead to a lot of health and other problems.

We all know what this world is facing right now. People can`t evn step out of their home. They need to wear a mask and keep washing their hands to stay safe.

And for sure we can`t wash our hands without water.

You can understand the value of water. So please save water.

And as we know that today is world water day, 22nd March 2020. So let`s celebrate it. Let`s drink a glass of water and offer water to the needy and poor people and animals.

Happy world water day, 22nd March 2020.

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