This Black Woman Invented The First Sanitary Belt: Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

This Black Woman Invented The First Sanitary Belt: Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

This Black Woman Invented The First Sanitary Belt: Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner 

Ever wondered who invented the first sanitary Pads or Sanitary Belt? 

Born in Monroe, North Carolina on May 17, 1912, Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner came from a family of inventors. 

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner didin`t want to make money from her invention, she just wanted to make women`s life a little easier.

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner was a curious child when she was very small. Asking a lot of questions to her mother and herself about mensturation and what she could do to make women`s life easier.

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Women at that time were using cloths and rags during their period, mensturaiton or during their time of the month. But those women and girls who used cloths and rags during their time of month, used to sit indoors without moving around too much.

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner was very curious and she wanted to help women, and  to combat this problem, Kenner invented the Sanitary Belt. A device that was built to hold a Sanitary napkin in place.

This Sanitary Belt even had a moisture proof napkin pocket. After this invention of Sanitary Belt by Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner. Women and young girls actually felt liberated.

This was a great invention but it would take a lot of years for kenner to be able to patent her invention because, when Kenner first brought the Sanitary Belt to some interested clients in 1956, those clients turned Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner away because she was black.

Kenner said - "I was so jubilant,  "I saw houses, cars, and everything about to come my way. Sorry to say but when they found out I was black, their interest dropped. The representative went back to New York and informed me the company was no longer interested."

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But she never gave up. Kenner started to invent and patent some other inventions which were aimed at improving people`s everyday life. 

Leter, Kenner would continue working as a professional and even had her own business in Washington DC. But  Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner who invented the first Sanitary Belt was not really interested in making money, she just wanted to make everyones`s life a bit easier.

This woman could invent many others things as well. But just because she was a black woman, she got rejected by those people who could help her grow. People don`t even remember her name. But we must say that  Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner was a great woman who really wished to help others during that time.

In 1956, Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner invented her first Sanitary Belt.

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