Home Remedies For Cold and Cough


Home Remedies For Cold and Cough

Cold and cough is a common problem, but when people suffer from cold and cough, it makes them very weak, it is hard to concentrate on anything while you are suffering from cold and cough.

Don`t let this nasty cold get the best of you.


It is almost impossible to breathe properly when you have a stuffy , runny or a blocked nose, it also gives you headache, body ache and makes you feel very weak and low. It is hard to eat sleep or do anything in such condition.


On the other side, when people suffer from sore throat, coughing makes everything worse, sometimes it is a normal cough, but in some cases coughing brings us throat pain, and it is hard to talk, eat or drink in such condition. this can happen due to an infection.

In short, cold and cough is not a small problem, and we should know how to cure such problems at home.
    Home Remedies For Cold and Cough
  • Gargle With Warm Salt Water - Take warm water in a glass, add half teaspoon of salt to it and start gargling. it moistens your sore and scratchy throat and brings relief. Gargling also helps you when you are suffering from cold, stuffy and runny nose.
  •  Soup - Eating/drinking chicken soup or any other soup, especially chicken soup, when you have cold or cough helps you to get rid of congestion, you are able to breathe properly, you feel relaxed. it is very good for soothing both cold and cough. The hot soup helps break up the congestion linked with both cold and cough.
  • Luke Warm Water - Drink luke warm water, it helps treating or fighting against common cold, cough or sore throat. Drinking luke warm water reduces inflammation in the throat and kills the infection of the throat.
  • Milk and Turmeric -  You can find milk and turmeric in your kitchen easily, it is a very strong antioxidant which helps in treating not just common cold and cough but it also helps in treating many other health problems. take one small cup or glass of warm milk mixed with a half teaspoon of turmeric powder is an effective way of treating cold and cough at home. Drink it before you sleep for better results.
  • Vicks Vaporub - Applying a little amount of vicks vaporub on your chest, neck, upper back and even on your nose helps you in breathing and helps in getting rid of coughing. Because Vicks VapoRub contains cough suppressants and it is good for cold and cough.
Try these Home Remedies For Cold and Cough today

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