This is How Sara Ali Khan Lost weight

This is How Sara Ali Khan Lost weight

This is How Sara Ali Khan Lost weight


Sara Ali Khan has suffered from PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease). She was away from home for her studies and because of this she gained more weight.

Sara Ali Khan, daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh is a 24 years old Bollywood actress.

Sara Ali Khan has become a very famous actress because of her looks and her acting skills. Everyone likes Sara Ali Khan. And even if you don`t like her for some reason, you can`t deny that she is very beautiful plus very talented.
Sara Ali Khan is slim and gorgeous, but do you know that Sara weighted 96 kgs before entering Bollywood ? Sara Ali Khan was quite a foodie and eating pizza was her favourite, she used to eat a lot of junk food too. 

But look at Sara Ali Khan today, she has a beautiful, slim and toned figure. But how did she lose weight ? Well, this is how Sara Ali kHan lost weight.

Sara Ali Khan`s Diet and Workout Paln Story. Let`s talk about Sara Ali kHan`s Diet Plan First.

Sara Ali Khan`s Diet Plan

Sara Ali Khan`s diet plan is quiet simple. Sara tells everyone that that they should eat healthy and right food for their body. And starving yourself will never help you to lose weight. Sara does not starve herself, she likes to eat at regular intervals of time.

Sara Alik Khan`s diet is full of fiber-rich foods. Here is the list of Sara Ali Khan`s Diet Plan


Sara Ali Khan drinks a glass of warm water every morning on an empty stomach. She eats idlis, egg whites and bread toast in her breakfast.


Sara Ali Khan prefers eating home made food for her lunch. Sara eats chapatis, dal, salad, fruits and vegetables in her lunch, to stay fit and healthy.


Sara prefers eating a bowl of upma as a snack, to stay healthy.


Before her workout, sara eats one bowl of museli with some fruits and oats. After her workout, Sara Ali Khan prefers eating tofu, legumes, salads and protein shake. Sara eats green vegetables and chapatis in dinner.

Let`s discuss about Sara Ali Khan`s Workout Plan now.

Sara Ali Khan`s Workout Plan'

Sara Ali Khan works out regularly and she does a lot of exercise during her workout. To avoid boredom during her workout, Sara runs on a treadmill while listening to Bollywood songs. 

She does yoga, pilates, boot camp training. She lifts weights and does everything that helps her in losing weight.


Sara Ali Khan was very fat but she really nailed it and lost a hell lot weight. Sara even inspires a lot of people and tell them to eat halthy and right food to stay in shape and healthy.

Sara is an inspiration to all of us an this how Sara Ali Khan lost weight.

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