My Heart is An idiot: Connection Between Love and Heart

My Heart is An idiot: Love and Heart

My heart is an idiot, i got hurt. My heart is broken, oh, my heavy heart.

You must have said or heard these lines. But why ? why do we associate love with the heart ? what is the connection between love and heart ?

i am alive and writing this post because my heart is alive. Just like that, you are alive because your heart is alive and it is beating. Pumping our blood and helping circulate oxygen throughout our bodies.

People buy heart shape gifts, chocolates, cards, etc and even draw hearts to show their feelings and love to their loved ones.

But why do we connect love and heart with eachother ? Don`t you think that our brain plays a major role, when it is about love?

Then why ? this single organ in the center of our chests symbolize everything we feel about ? And we all know that the symbol for a heart doesen`t evern look like an actual heart, right ?

Don`t get confused, i will tell you everything, let`s continue talking about love and heart.

When you saw or when you see your crush, your heart flutters and you feel like a lot of butterflies are dancing inside you.

 My heart is an idiot, what is happening. My heart is beating fast, just by looking at this person, I am sure these things come in your mind when you see your crush or your girlfriend or boyfriend.

And when it is your first cursh or first love, when you see the love of your life, your heart starts fluttering and pumping fast like a flip flop. And you also feel like, oh wow, my heart is telling me that i am in love.

But do you know that true and real love actually starts in your brain?

Yes, there is a very strong connection between your heart and your brain. Your brain sends you signals and messages about what you feel when you are in love. 

Your brain tells you what to do next, how to propose this person, i don`t know if i should kiss or hug this person or not, your barin is talking at this moment.

But at the same time your heart is flip flopping and beating fast. And we are discussing about love and heart, and when your feelings get hurt, the heart gets hurt, and you start suffering more. And you also feel like you have a broken heart.

Thats because there is a syndrome named broken heart. for example, when you lose your loved ones, loss of your child or a family member.

You get this huge sympathetic surge of hormones, it stuns your heart and it stops functioning properly. So you end up feeling like you have a broken heart.

In simple words, there is still a huge connection between love and heart. And there is a very strong connection between brain and heart as well.

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