16 Interesting Health Facts i Bet You Will Love

16 Interesting Health Facts i Bet You Will Love

16 Interesting Health Facts i Bet You Will Love

Hey Beautiful People ☺

How are you all ? I hope you guys are happy, healthy and wealthy. Today i will tell you 16 interesting health facts i bet you will love. You can even follow some of these 16 interesting health facts if you want.

Let`s come to the point and talk about these 16 interesting health facts i bet you will love them

1.  If you brush twice regularly for 25 days, then from the 26th day, even boring food that you don`t like eating will also taste like pizza or burger.

2. In next 2 seconds, a lot of people will eat about 80,000 kg of food and waste 40,000 kg of it. And 2 or 1 person will starve to death in next 6 seconds.

3. Chocolates contains phenylethylamine (PEA). The same chemical released in your brain when you fall in love. Isn`t that interesting ?

4. Adding Vodka to your shampoo can strengthen your hair. Applying a little bit of an alcohol on you scalp or hair is also very beneficial for your hair.

5. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Yes, it is true. Eating an apple everyday can help you to fight with a lot of diseases and bacterias. 

6. Eating 5 almonds everyday can help you to avoid cancer.

7. Drinking one glass of milk everyday can help fight against bone related problems.

8. You should sleep 8 hours a day to be energetic and have a healthy day ahead.

9.  You can remove chewing gum from your cloth by keeping your cloth in the freezer for one hour.

10. Applying a little bit of white colgate (toothpaste) on your pimples at night before sleeping, and washing your face next day with plain water, can help you in getting rid of your pimples.

Do this for 2 to 3 days only, and if you feel a burning sensation on your skin/pimple after applying colgate. Do not wait for tomorrow, simply go and wash your face with plain or cold water

11. Eating chewing gum can help you to avoid tears while cutting onions.

12. Being called "baby" has a positive effect on the female brain, causing instant emotional stress relief. Interesting right ?

13. Before sleeping, 90% of your mind begins to imagine stuff you would like to happen. You also dream what you think and what you really want to happen with you in your real life.

14. A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.

15. You can live without 75% of your liver, one lung and one kidney.

16. Loving someone truly, madly, deeply and being loved by the same person, the same way, can make you the most happiest person in the world. 

It can also boost up your confidence and help you to achieve your goals in life by putting your 100% effort in everything you do.

I hope you liked reading these 16 Interesting Health Facts. Keep reading, keep yourself happy and healthy.

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