Angad Bedi Undergoes Knee Surgery

Angad Bedi Undergoes Knee Surgery

Actor, and Husband of Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi undergoes knee surgery at a hospital in Mumbai.

Actor Angad Bedi, got injured while shooting for an action sequence for his upcoming web series "MumBhai" in Mumbai`s Mazagon Dock area. A while ago, recently Angad Bedi undergoes knee surgery.

Angad Bedi Undergoes Knee Surgery

Before undergoing for his surgery, Neha Dhupia captured a video of her Husband Angad Bedi, in which she is cheering up Angad Bedi.

Angad Bedi also shared a video on his instagram, recorded by his wife Neha Dhupia, in the hospital, minutes before Angad Bedi`s surgery. 

In the video, Neha Dhupia can be heard asking Angad Bedi, "How are you feeling ?" Angad replied with an "All set", and he flexes his biceps and triceps, to which Neha Dhupia jokingly said, "It`s not your triceps, it`s your knees".

Later Neha Dhupia softly touched Angad Bedi`s knee and said "Get well soon".

 But do you know what is funny plus strange at the same time ? Neha Dhupia didn`t know which knee Angad was being operated for.

She in fact tapped the wrong knee while comforting Angad and saying "Get well soon". Even Angad, while sharing his video, (made by Neha Dhupia, before going for his knee surgery), wrote on his instagram post "she has no clue which knee is injured", but i still love her too much.

Well, it was a bit funny but Neha was very worried about her Husband when Angad Bedi underwent knee surgery.

Neha is also seen taking orders for Angad`s meals in the video she captured.

"Angad Bedi undergoes knee surgery". (on wednesday, Angad Bedi underwent a knee surgery). We wish you all the best Angad Bedi for your knee surgery. 

Get well soon and stay strong champ.

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