28th Feburary, i Lost My Voice

28th Feburary, i Lost My Voice

28th Feburary, i Lost My Voice

28th Feburary, 2020. I almost lost my voice. I was absolutely fine when i slept on 27th Feburary, around 11:45pm.

But when i woke up around 9am, on 28th, Feburary, 2020. I almost lost my voice.

I started coughing badly, i was suffering from cold and cough. And when i tried to utter a word or talk with my family, i just couldn't speak.

Not even a single word. But i tried to stay calm,though i was worried as hell.

I never eat or drink anything that can harm me or my health. But i have no idea what went wrong this time.

I guess i am just a human being, just like you and anything can happen to anybody at any time.

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Okay, so i just sat down and decided to do gagrling with warm salt water. I did it thrice a day, only thrice because i was feeling lazy and i had fever plus bodyache too.

I applied Vicks VapoRub on my chest, my neck and my back.

I drank milk and ate bread. I took a lot of rest. I had fever also, i ate some light food and again i applied Vicks VapoRub on my chest, necak and back, and i decided to do gagrle again.

And i also used a Nebulizer machine to get rid of my cold(sneezing).

I was worried when i couldn't utter a word. I felt, i lost my voice but taking rest and taking help of these simple and effective home remedies made me feel better.

That's why i always say that health is wealth. Our health is everything. We can't do anything without our good health.

So, whenever you are suffering from cold and cough and you feel like you are losing your voice or you are unable to speak properly because of your sore throat.

In that case you should take a lot of rest, drink hot liquids, do gagrling with warm salt water, eat light food, apply Vicks VapoRub and stay positive and strong.

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Take care of your health and believe that you will be alright. Fight with your problems.

Use Nebulizer machine or simply steaming hot water can help you to feel much better.

You all are very special, so if you are also suffering with the same problem, just do what i did, and you will be alright.

But always remember that if nothing helps, if these home remedies dosen't work for you, then you should go and visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Stay healthy, take care of your health.

And yes, i am feeling much better now :)

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