27 Things To Do When You Are Depressed

27 Things To Do When You Are Depressed

27 Things To Do When You Are Depressed


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Today i will tell you 27 things to do when you are depressed. We all know that depression is a very bad and a dangerous thing. A bunch of people are suffering from depression in this world, and they are always looking for some help to get out of it.

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    Depression can ruin your life and your mental plus your physical health completely. There are many reasons that can cause depression. For example 
    1. Family issues
    2. Job related issues
    3. Forced marriage
    4. Break up
    5. Financial issues
    6. Health issues
    7. Lonliness
    These are the main reasons that can cause depression. 

    People who are depressed, always think about ending their life. And there are many negative and sad things that happen when a person is in depression.

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    But today i will tell you 27 things to do when you are depressed. Try to do these things when you are depressed. And i hope these 27 things will help you to feel much better.

    1. Avoid spending long periods of time alone.

    2. Play you favourite music. Yes, even if nothing feels good, i want you to have some bloody courage, stand up and play your favourite music. (Play happy music, songs only)

    3. Get up, dress up, and go for a walk. Sitiing or sleeping all day and being sad or depressed won`t change your situation. 

    4. Exercise, do some exercise it will help you to feel better.

    5. Buy your favourite pet. A dog, cat, birds, etc, Buy your favourite pet and spend time with your pet.

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    6. Watch some funny kids or animals videos on youtube.

    7. Eat your favourite food. And don`t forget to eat your favourite chocolate. Eating your favourite chocolate will make feel better and happy.

    8. Go outside and help some poor and needy people. Give them clothes, food, money or whatever you can.

    9. Take a shower, and wear some clean, nice clothes. Apply your favourite lotion and deodrant on your body, after taking a bath. And don`t forget to dress up nicely.

    10. Spend time with your family and friends, talk about your problems with your close friends or family members.

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    11. Fall in or fall out of love. Ifyou are in a relationship but you you are unhappy for some reason, just move on. And if you are single, just start dating, meeting some people, and be ready to fall in love with the right person.

    12. No matter how you feeL. Play your happy, favourite song and start dancing.

    13. Crying and thinking about your problems won`t take away your depression. Think and work on your problems. Do whatever you can do to make your life better.

    14. Draw/paint what you want.

    15. Do someting that you always wanted to do. Just don`t hurt others.

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    16. Make an account on instagram and start followin some motivational, funny kids and animals pages.

    17. Buy your favourite clothes or your favourite game.

    18. Play carom, ludo, card, football, or something else with your loved ones.

    19. Spend time with your partner. But him/her something and surprise him/her.

    20. Leave your job and start applying for a new one, if you are unhappy with you current job.

    21. If you want to lose or gain weight. Don`t think, just start doing it from now.

    22. Take care of your face, teeth, nails and your whole body by staying clean and eating healthy and right.

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    23. Have a mantra or pray to your God everyday. 

    24. Make you bed every morning, and keep your room clean.

    25. Download and play your favourite video game.

    26. Start making some videos and upload them on TikTok app. But remember that it is absolutely ok if you don`t get a lot of likes and followers. In fact many people who love watching your pictures and videos, never follow you or give you a like.

    27. Stop thinking about negative things, start thinking that things will be better soon if you work on them, instead of crying and keep thinking about your problems.


    These are the 27 things you can do when you are depressed. Try them and follow them everyday to feel better. You can take some professional help if needed but you need love, help and support, more than any medicine.

    And you don`t always need other to give you love, help and support. Do it for yourself.

    And remember, No matter how you feel ! Get up, dress up. show up and never give up.

    Good Luck Angels.

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