WWE Superstar John Cena Diet Plan and Workout Routine

WWE Superstar John Cena Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Who doesn`t know John Cena, "The "You Can`t See Me" and the WWE Superstar. His full name is John Felix Anthony Cena.

John Cena was born in April, 1977.

WWE Superstar John Cena Diet Plan and Workout Routine

John Cena is a WWE professional wrestler. The 12 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion is a very hard working guy. He works hard in the gym with his fitness trainer and his close friend Rob Macintyre.

John Cena was not a strong guy when he attended his school. He weighted 120 lbs only, in his high school. But at the age of 18, John Cena started bodybuilding and working out at the gym like crazy, gaining substanital muscle mass and weight.

Do You Want To Know WWE Superstar John Cena Diet Plan and Workout Routine ?

Alright, let`s talk about the WWE Superstar Hohn Cena diet plan and workout routine.

WWE Superstar John Cena Diet Plan

John Cena has a well balanced diet plan that provides all the nutrients along with the necessary amount of calories to maintain his health, body and to stay in shape.

His daily diet also includes a lot of fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Let me tell you about John Cens`s Diet Chart

John Cena in his Breakfast eats, 6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 100gm oatmeal with raisins and apple sauce. He also eats protein bar.

John Cena`s Lunch includes, 100gm brown rice, 2 chicken breast and vegetables.

John Cena`s Snack - Pita bread and tuna fish.

Cena`s Evening diet plan includes, Whey protein shake and banana.

John Cena`s Dinner - Brown rice, pasta, salad, vegetables and grilled chicken or fish.

His supplements - Cottage cheese and casein protein shake.

WWE Superstar John Cena Workout Routine

John Cena exercises 5 days a week. His workouts are so vigorous that they can only be taken upon by some very professional bodybuilders and professional wrestlers.

The 24 time professional wrestling champion is guided by his coach and trainer, Mr. Rob who helps Cena in the gym to do all these types of exercises.

John Cena`s workout routine also includes :

  • Day 1 - Legs and Calves
  • Day 2 - Chest
  • Day 3 - Arms
  • Day 4 - Shoulders
  • Day 5 - Back


"You can`t See Me" Guy John Cena is a very famous WWE Superstar, and this guy works very hard to stay in shape and stay healthy. He is a very nice guy in his real life.

You can also start a perfect diet plan and workout routine to stay healthy and stay in shape just like John Cena.


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