A 28 Years Old Woman Left Flat Chested Following Botched Surgery In Turkey

 A 28 Years Old Woman Left Flat Chested Following Botched Surgery In Turkey

28 years old woman is left flat chested following botched surgery. This woman named Zara Rodriguez has been left flat chested with a lot of scars on her breasts after claming to have a botched plastic surgery in Turkey.

A clinic in Instanbul, Turkey, offered Ms. Zara Rodriguez to fix her breast implants. Later she posted some scary pictures showing the condition of her breasts following botched surgery on her social media accounts.

 A 28 Years Old Woman Is Left Flat Chested Following Botched Surgery In Turkey

Ms. Zara Rodriguez a 28 years old barber used to hate her body, (breasts). And she travelled to Istanbul, Turkey to get breasts implants and a tummy tuck in August last year.

Ms Zara Rodriguez, paid £5,000  at the cut price clinic to get a 34F cup size breasts from her natural 34c cup size.

After the seven hours surgery, the barber's left breast implant started leaking fluid because of an infection. And her right breast was hanging downwards when she returned her home. She called the clinic several times but after some time the clinic stopped answering her calls.

Ms. Zara Rodriguez had both of her implants removed at the "Bath Royal United Hospital "on November 22, which left her with 0% breast tissues.

Ms. Rodriguez now gives a statement : where she says that she will have to save another £5,000 to undergo her second surgery to get her breasts back and to get rid of her flat chest, in the UK. 

She also mentioned that she has been left totally flat chested with 0% breast tissue and dark scars on her chest.

This 28 years old woman also said that she is 28 years old and she has been physically and mentally punished. she wants to save other people who plans about going to abroad and go for such surgery.

She says : i wish i had saved some extra money and had my surgery done here, instead of going abroad. If you you have had a surgery and you feel that something is bothering you or something is wrong, get your body checked.

Ms. Zara Rodriguez, a 28 years old woman who is left flat chested following botched surgery also says that she never wants to see anyone go through what she had faced in her past few months.

In her statement she also tells that she heavily researhed where to go for her surgery before deciding on a holiday package in Turkey. She says she always wanted to have a breast implants after she started hating her body.

And after doing this research she booked breast implants with an uplift, as well as a tummy tuck.

Ms Zara Rodriguez said she was happy with her breast implant surgery, but she was totally shocked at the aftercare she received.
She says that when she woke up from the orignal seven hour operation, the nurses tried to get her up and out of the bed walking. But it took actually 3 attempts, because she kept falling due to feeling lightheaded.

 A 28 Years Old Woman Is Left Flat Chested Following Botched Surgery In Turkey

And when she woke up she found out that she had a hematoma blood clotted underneath her skin, on her left breast and she had to get rushed back into surgery to get rid of this problem she faced. At first she thought that it was just a normal thing that happened to her breasts due to this surgery.

But, at home, she noticed that her left breast was not healing properly, which she found out was happened because she had developed an infection. Her condition started getting worse and more painful after she started visiting her Doctor for several days for her check ups.

Ms. Rodrigues, 28 says that she kept texting the company for advice, telling them that her right breast was also hanging downwards the incision wound. But the clinic claimed that it was normal and told her to  massage them. But her pain was getting worse day by day.

She tells that she was scared and afraid, and she decided to post pictures on her instagram account to share her situation. Afterwards, the company called her and asked her to fly back and they would fix her implants for free this time, as long as she deleted the pictures.

She apologised for posting her pictures on her instagram and agreed to fly back in October to get the right treatment for her problem.

The next morning after reaching at the clinic, Ms Zara Rodriguez had her left implant removed and replaced and her right implant lifted.

Later she says that she was very happy and excited to finally be able to enjoy her new breasts. But again when she was at her home, her breasts started leaking fluid once again and she started to panic. She says: " That was when i continue to massage for advice, and i began to get ignored.

I posted the pictures, but the clinic went on to block me. Even now till this day, they have continued to iggnore me. Said Ms Zara Rodrigueza, 28 years old woman is left flat chested following botched surgery in Turkey.

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