7 Easy Home Remedies To Avoid An Unwanted Pregnanacy

7 Easy Home Remedies To Avoid An Unwanted Pregnanacy

7 Easy Home Remedies To Avoid An Unwanted Pregnanacy

Most of the couples want to have children with a proper planing. But sometimes things go out of what you plan. And to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, many women use contraceptive pills which can actually be very harmful for their health.

Thankfully, there are a some home remedies that you can use to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. You can use them whenever you have unsafe intercourse. You can use these 7 easy home remedies to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

1. Papaya

If you have an unsafe intercourse, eat papaya two times a day for  3 to 4 days to reduce the chances of an unwanted pregnancy. This can work as an effective birth control remedy.

2. Ginger

Ginger induces period and prevents pregnancy. Grate some ginger and add it to a pan of boiling water. After 5 to 6 minutes, turn off the gas and strain the mixture. Drink 2 cups of this ginger tea every day to avoid unwanted pregnanacy.

3. Black Coffee

Drinking black coffee for few days is also a great home remedy to avoid an unwanted pregnanacy.

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4. Juniper Berries (Kala Jamun)

You can also eat kala jamun berries to avoid an unwanted pregnanacy. It has to be consumed for three consecutive days post sexual intercourse.

5. Asafoetida (Hing)

Drink asafoetida (hing) juice with water every month. It can prevent conception and avoid unwanted pregnancy.

6. Pineapple

The properties of pineapple can prevent implantation of a fetus and avoid pregnancy. Eat an unripe pineapple every day for 2 to 3 days after an intercourse.

7. Buckwheat (kuttu)

Buckwheat contains something called rutin which prevents implantation. You can have 500 gms of this everyday. It works amazing before and after you have an unprotected intercourse. Good thing about kuttu is that it doesn’t have any side effect.
IMPORTANT NOTE : None of these 7 home remedies to avoid an unwanted pregnancy are 100% effective. So it is always better to practise safe sex as much as you can!

Stay Safe, Stay Happy.
God Bless.

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