Turn Your Sadness Into Happiness

Turn Your Sadness Into Happiness

 Turn your sadness into happiness right now.

Turn Your Sadness Into Happiness: Reasons And Solutions Behind Your Sadness

Are you feeling sad or depressed ? Are you unhappy ? Don`t worry ! It`s ok to be sad, depressed or unhappy for sometime. It happens with all of  us. Just don`t let this sadness, depression become your best friend.

Keep reading, do not skip ;) because i will tell you how you can turn yours adness into happiness. 

Turn Your Sadness Into Happiness

A person can be sad sad or depressed or unhappy because of many reasons. Some of them are :

  • Break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Fighting with your friend, partner or your family member
  • Financial issues
  • Severe health isssues
  • Forced marriage
  • Lonliness
  • Job stress
  • Study stress
  • Being overweight/underweight
  • Being unhappy with the way you look

These are some main reasons behind  being sad, depressed or unhappy. But the good news is that there are some solutions to get rid of these depressing, sad problems.

First of all remember that being sad at times is okay, in fact it is very normal. All you have to do is to follow these tips that i am going to mention below, to turn your sadness into happiness.

Here are some ways to turn your sadness into happiness

Reasons And Solutions Behind Your Sadness

1- Financial issues

    Turn your sadness into happiness. First of all, whatever is troubling you, try to get rid of it. If you are sad, depressed or unhappy because you are not earning or you are facing financial issues. Please talk with someone or do some research and apply for a job.

    If you are good at art. Start drawing and making some good art, open a youtube channel and start posting your artwork there.
    If you sing well, or whatever you think you can do better then others. Just do it and start posting it on youtube.

    Or simply search and apply for a job. At least TRY, Try something because sitting still at home won`t help you to get rid of your financial issues.

    2- Break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend

      If you are sad and can`t be happy because you just had a break up with your partner, or you are single and lonely.

      Dude, No one is forcing you to keep a relation that troubles you. Everything happens for a reason. Please leave this person and move on, even if it takes 1 year to move on, do anything, just divert your mnd. 

      Maybe someone better is waiting for you to enter into your life. Instead of crying and dying for a girl or a boy. Just go and do something you like. And spend time with your family members. They need your love and support more than your so called ex who broke your heart.

      If you are single. Don`t worry, you will find your special one soon, Talk with people, interact with them. This may help you to find a good friend who may turn into your girlfriend/boyfriend.

      3-  Job or Study Stress

      If you are stressed because of your job or study. If your boss, your work or your teacher and your study is the reason behind your sadness. I would like to say that talk to someone, your friends or your family if you are a student. Tell them if you are sad because your teacher is not treating you right and if its related to your studies. 

      Please work hard, study hard to save your future. ask your teacher a lot of questions if you don`t understand anything. Take tutions. Listen to your teacher carefully when they are teaching you and study hard at home as well as in school.

      And if you are stresed or depressed and sad because of your job.Ty to apply for a new job and if you can`t change your job. Just keep working hard and let your boss wonder how good you are. Give more in your job then others, you may get a promotion.

       Give your best for now because you also know that you have to do this job because you need it, no matter what. Give your best, focus on your work and keep trying to get a new job.

      Talk with your friends if your boss or your job is troubling you too much. Ask them for help.

      Turn Your Sadness Into Happiness

      4-  Being unhappy with the way you look

      Another reason behind your sadness and depression can be your looks, your weight. If you are sad because you are overweight or underweight. If you are sad because you have a dark complection. 

      My dear friend switch on your Television. Look at those famous people who are fat, or too slim or too dark. But people love them so much. They are very famous. Get motivated by looking at them.

      Learn to love yourself the way you are. Because you are beautiful, you are handsome the way you are. And no one is perfect in this world.

      Work on your hair, get a perfect hairstyle. Wear clothes that suits your personality. Wear funky shoes that suits your dress. This will make you look very good and attractive, even if you are unhappy with your looks.

      Tell yourself that you are the best and as i said search, read and watch about those famous celebrities who don`t look very good but they are loved by others. And they are happy with the way they look.

        Turn Your Sadness Into Happiness

        5-  Severe health issues

        If you have a bad health. Please visit your doctor and tell hm about your problems. Take your medicines on time and eat healthy plus do exercise. Taking medicines won`t help. You will have to eat healthy food and avoid unhealthy food. Plus you will also have to exercise, walk everyday to stay fit and avoid getting sick.

        Stay strong,stay positive and live and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid serious health issues.

        Even i had and still have some very serious health issues. But i am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and facing everything that i have to face.

        Please leave a comment below if you need some help.

        Turn Your Sadness Into Happiness

        6- Forced marriage

        If you are unhappy with your marriageor with your partner, just leave them.

         Try to get a job and be independent. Try to find someone better who treats you right. Leave this person who treats you badly. The more you listen to them and do what they ask you to do. They will keep treating you badly. Take help from someone you can trust. Share your feelings with someone whos is close to you.

        The best thing to be happy in life even if you are alone is to be independent. Please try to get a job or do something online to earn and leave this person who makes you sad everyday. You can`t be happy if this is a forced marrige.

        You can even talk to your partner directly, if you think that you should talk to them about this matter.

        7-  Fighting with your friends, family or your partner

        If you just had a huge fight with your friend, partner or your family member. This can really make you sad. But don`t worry. Take your time and remember that even if they fought with you, they are the only one who loves you more than anyone in the world.

        They are always there when you need them. And thse fights are very normal. It happens with all of us. Just go and say sorry to them even if it wasn`t your fault. Go and apologise. Sooner or later they will realise that they were wrong and they will come to you and apologise. And trust me everything will be ok.

        And if you can`t apologise. Just give yourself sometime. Everything will be ok. It happens with everyone.

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