Justin Bieber Lyme Disease

Justin Bieber Lyme Disease

World famous Canadian Pop Singer Justin Bieber who is 25 years old, revealed last week that he is suffring from a Lyme Disease. Justin beiber said that he recenty received a diagnosis of Lyme Disease
    Justin Bieber Lyme Disease : It is a tick borne illness that causes fever, rash, joint pain, fatigue and neurological related problems. Lyme Disease can also cause Depression. Many celebrities had suffered with this disease in past few years.

    Justin Bieber Lyme Disease

    Justin Bieber shared this news on his instagram account through an instagram post. Where he said that people made a lot of comments about his appearance in past few days and maybe this is the reason Bieber shared this news about his Lyme Disease that gave him rashes on his face.

    Justine Bieber Lyme Disease

    Justine Bieber on his his Lyme Disease, further added that " i have been recently diagnosd with Lyme Disease, and not only this but i had a serious case of chronic mono which affected badle my skin (face), brain function, and overall health". Bieber told this to his millions of fans.

    He further added that he will explain these things properly on his YouTube channel very soon. Bieber said that people can learn all that Justin Bieber have been batteling and overcoming.
    Justine Bieber, 25, made a public statement about his battle with Lyme Disease. He said " its been a very rough couple of years but he is getting the right treatment and it will help him to feel better soon, he said "i will be back and better than ever".

    Justin Bieber Lyme Disease


      Anything can happen to anyone. Even famous and rich celebrities can suffer with some serious diseases because we are all human beings. And in the end we really wish for a fast and better recovery for Justin Bieber Lyme Disease.

      Get well soon, Bieber.

      Stay safe, stay healthy everyone.

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