Health Benefits Of Wearing A Smartwatch

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Health Benefits Of Wearing A Smartwatch

Some people think that smart watches are a waste of money and time and some people think that wearing a smartwatch can give you a lot of benefit.

You have a smartphone and you think that buying and wearing a smartwatch is a waste of money ? You have a smartphone to check your time but do you know that how many advantages and health benefits you can get wearing a smartwatch ?66

I am sure that a lot of people have no idea about how beneficial it can be to wear a smartwatch. Today i will tell you about 4 to 6 health benefits of wearing a smartwatch.

And not just health benefits, there are some other advantages and benefits of wearing a smartwatch.

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A smartwatch just don`t tell the time, a smartwatch is actually more than a watch

1. Monitoring Your Heart Rate

First health benefit of wearing a smartwatch : it can monitor and tell you your heart rate.

Yes, smartwatches measures and monitors your heart rate by scanning blood flow near your wrist, by illuminating it with LEDs.

You just have to touch your smartwatch and choose Hear Rate (HR) option to monitor and know your heart rate within few seconds.

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2. Measuring Your Blood Pressure (BP)

Second health benefit of wearing a smartwatch : A smartwatch is the first wearable to successfully measure your blood pressure correctly from your wrist. The technology has become very impressive and smart.

Underneath the strap of your smartwatch is a cuff that inflates to measure systolic and diastolic pressure through the oscillometric method. Which means that a smartwatch can simply tell your blood pressure (BP) only with a one touch on your smartwatch.
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3. Smartwatch, A Step Counter

Third health benefit of wearing a smartwatch is that, it can count your steps. 

Whenever you go for a walk, or run or climb stairs or mountains, your smartwatch will monitor and track your step count. 

It will tell you if you have walked 100 steps, 500 steps, 1000 steps or more than 1000 steps.
Your smartwatch will tell you everything. It can even track other types of exercises. 
Health Benefits Of Wearing A Smartwatch

4. Smartwatch Can Track Your Sleep

This one is very interesting. 

A smartwatch can track your sleep. It can tell you if you are awake or sleepy. 

Let`s say you fell asleep last night at 10pm and woke up at 7am. In this case, your smartwatch can easily tell you that you actually had a 9 hours of sleep last night. This is the fourth health benefit of wearing a smartwatch. 

isn`t that great ?

5. Your Smartwatch Can Find Your Smartphone

Forgetting or losing your smartphone can be very frustrating. And this is something that always seems to happen with all of us. But thankfully your smartwatch can help you to find your smartphone. 

Most of the smartwatches have a " Find Phone " feature. You just have to connect your smartphone with your watch, and you will be able to ring it through your watch whenever you want.

Lost your smartphone ? Don`t worry. Just find an option named "find phone" using your smartwatch and just touch your watch to locate or find your phone within a few seconds.

6.  Receive Calls And Reply To Messages

Another benefit of wearing a smartwatch is you can receive a phone call through your watch and you can even reply to your messages. You will be able to get all of your smartphone notifications on your smartwatch.

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Wearing a smartwatch can really make your life easy. Its even fun to wear a smartwatch. These are some health benefits of wearing a smartwatch.

 And not just 4 or 6 but there are numbers of health and other benefits of wearing a smartwatch. It just depends on what type of a smartwatch you are wearing.

Even i am wearing a smartwatch right now. Trust me it is very beneficial plus it is actually fun to wear and use a smartwatch.


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