6 Easy Ways To Treat Anxiety

6 Easy Ways To Treat Anxiety

6 Easy Ways To Treat Anxiety

What Is Anxiety ?

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, usually about an upcoming event. Some people feel scared, nervous or anxious when faced some kind of a problem at home, at work or school.

When people are afraid about some things in life, such as, what is going to happen next with them, what if they fail in their exam, what if they suffer with some major health problems and never heal, job stress, etc.

Such things can make people worry, tensed and nervous, and then they suffer from anxiety disorder

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What Causes Anxiety ?

Life circumstances can cause anxiety, for example: Physical and mental health problems, death of a loved one, break up, financial problem, family issues, loneliness , worrying about something or future.

Work stress, job change or relationship problems can cause anxiety.

6 Easy Ways To Treat Anxiety

1. Spending time with pets : Pets are cute and they offer love and support. Some people like cats, some people like dogs, some like rabbits, etc, Spending time with your favorite pet can help you reduce anxiety. 

Playing with your pet, feeding them food or going out for a walk with you pet can help you a lot in getting rid of anxiety and felling better.

2. Exercise : Exercise is a good thing for your mental and physical health, believe it or not but exercising daily can help you fight with anxiety.

If you exercise daily, you feel more healthier, confident and satisfied, If you exercise, you stay fit and in shape, and you also stay healthy. Bad health, illness causes anxiety, and when you stay fit and healthy, you can stay miles away from anxiety.

3. Pamper Yourself : Go out shopping, go out with family, friends or alone, go out and buy your favorite clothes, shoes or anything you like, watch your favorite movie, or just go out for a walk, eat your favorite food, breathe fresh air, play in the open air to feel happy and satisfied.

4. Listen to your favorite song : How do you feel when you listen to your favorite song ? you feel happy, you keep playing your favorite song for hours and hours, you smile, you feel you are in different world, you even imagine singing and dancing on the same song,

listening to music or your favorite song keeps your heart and brain happy, it diverts your mind and you feel alive even when you are upset about something. ( Try to avoid listening sad songs, and play a happy party or a romantic song)

5. Drink Green Tea : Green tea helps you to feel calm, focused and alert. The antioxidants in green tea also helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and even cancer, if you feel anxiety every second day, you should try drinking green tea for at least 6 to 7 days and see if you feel any better.

6. Spend Time With Your Lover : Love is a special and a beautiful feeling, when you spend time with the one you love and trust, you feel on top of the world.

You feel happy and special, when you talk with the one you love, stay with them and spend precious moments with them, you forget your other problems, your heart starts pumping fast out of joy, your brain focus only on the good and positive things, they ( your lover ) make you feel confident and being with them and being loved by your girlfriend or boyfriend gives you strength to fight with any kind of a problem in life, not just with anxiety. 


You should always think about the positive and good small things you have in your life, spend time with them and keep yourself calm and happy.

Try these things that i have mentioned above and you will definitely feel better than before.

Good Luck!

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