Top 7 Vegan Food You Should Eat

Top 7 Vegan Food You Should Eat

Top 7 Vegan Food You Should Eat

What is Vegan Food ?

 Vegan is a type of vegetarian food that excludes dairy products and animal products like meat, eggs. curd, cow milk, etc.

Here is the list of Top Vegan Foods you should eat

  • Tofu

You can marinate tofu, grill it, mash it, or bake it. Tofu can absorb any flavor that you put on it, which makes it suitable for a lot of recipes.You can make a sandwich, salad or bake some food and add tofu in your sandwich, salad or your baked food.
It will taste very good and this way you can eat one of the best veagn food called tofu.

  • Black Beans

Its totally up to you if you want to eat black beans alone or eat it with someting else..Black beans taste great in homemade patties, soups, or chili. You an also add black beans to your baked goods!

  • Nuts

Nuts are one of the top vegan food that you should eat and it is tasty plus healthy also.There is a large variety of nuts that you can eat. And you can get them in the market easily and add them to your own vegan food to make your food more delicious and healthy.

  • Brocoli

Broccoli is a lgreen protein. You can steam some brocoli add them to stir-fries, salads, or pastas. You can also add it to soups whole or blend it for a healthy green soup.

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  • Oats

Another top vegan food that you should eat is oats. Oats are healthy and very tasty. You can ecven buy an oats packet from the market. Oats is one of the best source of vagan food. You should add oats to your vegan diet if you don`t eat oats.

  • Potato

Potatoes contains a high protein content. Dice them, and add them to your burritos, tofu scrambles, tacos, and stews. Or you can just boil them and add salt to it and eat them or you can also make french fries out of it.

  • Mushroom

There are a number of types of mushrooms, you can slice them or served whole. Use them in pastas, stir-fries, or tacos or on pizzas or just fry them and eat them.

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