Tremendous Health Benefits Of Love & Sex

Tremendous Health Benefits Of Love & Sex

Tremendous Health Benefits Of Love & Sex

Do you guys know that Love, Sex, Friendship and other Relationships can bring you some tremendous health benefits ?

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Yes, it`s true that there are some tremendous health benefits of love and sex.

Some studies suggest that a healthy,strong loving relationship, physical touch and sex can
 bring tremendous  health benefits.

Such as : Happy and Healthy mental health, Strong and positive emotions, Inner happiness, Less physical health problem and a good well being.

Health Benefits Of Love

Here i am discussing about some tremendous health benefits of love & sex. But just being in love or having a lover can never bring you mental or physical happiness.

Being in love with the right, caring, loving and true person, plus receiving the same or greater amount of love from your lover/partner can only give you mental and physical happiness plus a lot of tremendous and great health benefits.

For example ; When you are in love with someone truly madly and deeply. And when that person (your lover/partner) loves you back the same way. In that case your mind send a message to your body that you are very happy with your life and things around you.

You automatically start loving yourself and taking care of your health and outer beauty as well. You eat well, you keep yourself in shape, Plus when your mind is in peace because of your amazing partner who loves you so much and treat you as the king or a queen of this world and always keep you happy.

In that case you always feel happy and satisfied mentally, emotionally and physically.

And if your mind is happy or you are mentally strong and happy. You automatically become strong and healthy physically also.

People who are true lovers and love each other truly, madly and care for each other more then anything in the world are the most happiest, positive, strong and healthy people.

Tremendous Health Benefits Of Love & Sex

Health Benefits Of Sex

 According to one study of men and women, it has been proven that sex between a couple can help them to cope up with stress and depression.
Couples who had no sex or sometimes kind of a sex came out with a more stressful and unhealthy life, emotions and mental and physical health. 
On the second hand people or couple had sex regularly or stayed active with masturbation came out with a lot of positive energy towards life and things.It was also easy for them to fight with any kind of stress and feel relaxed and happy physically and mentally.

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People actually find that intimacy or an orgasm helps them feel very relaxed, just like exercise or meditation.
 One US study found that people who had sex once or twice a week had higher levels of one important illness-fighting substance known as immunoglobulin.
Tremendous Health Benefits Of Love & Sex

Sex and Your Heart

Sexual arousal sends your heart rate higher, and the number of your heart beats per minute reaches its peak during an orgasm. 
Some studies show that the average peak heart rate at orgasm is the same as during light exercise, such as walking very very fast.
Tremendous Health Benefits Of Love & Sex

Health Benefits Of Hugs and Holding Hands 

It has been proved in a study that the couples who held each other's hands for 10 minutes followed by a 20-second hug had healthier reactions to subsequent stress. 

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Couples who hugged each other had a lower heart rate and lower blood pressure compared with couples who didn`t even touched their partners.
Tremendous Health Benefits Of Love & Sex

Friendship and Health

This is also proven and even you can try this. 

Having a one or more than one  true, good and real friends and being in friendship with such people can give you tremendous health benefits.

One scientific study shows that people who had good friends and shared a beautiful, strong and real friendship were more happy, healthy and emotionally balanced than those people who had 0 friends or fake friends.

Friendship can make your life beautiful and help you to fight with stress and a lot of problems.

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