Build Your Muscles At Home Without Any Gym

How To Build Muscles At Home Without Going To The Gym

People these days are very curious about how they look. A lot of people wants to stay in shape not out of shape.

Teenage boys, young boys and even old men are busy in making 6 pack abs these days. Everyone is going to the gym because they want to build muscles and look handsome and fit.

But going to the gym can really cost a lot. And If you have job, you are a very busy person, in that case it becomes hard to go to the gym in the morning and sometimes even in the evening because you get very tired after coming home from your job/work.

How To Build Muscles At Home Without Going To The Gym

And some people are lazy, they don`t want to get up early everyday and go to the gym and lift heavy weights.

Don`t worry guys, i will tell you how you can build muscles at home without going to the gym. You must be thinking that you can`t get 6 pack abs without going to the gym, no matter what you do. Right ?

But you are wrong.

Here`s how to build muscles at home without going to the gym

Running Or Jogging

I know it is not easy but to get that body of your dream you will have to do this and work a bit hard.

For beginners it is advised that you should start only with walking or jogging slowly, this will increase your physical stamina. No need to hurry about anything.

After few days you will feel more energetic and you will be ready to take the first step to achieve  the body of your dreams and build muscles. 

Start by running, while running for the first time your muscles are going to scream so the best advice is to start slow and take shorter distances first try to build up your leg muscles and your cardiovascular system.

But if you can`t run foe some reason, you can just walk 30 to 45 minutes a day. By doing this, your legs muscles will get stronger day by day.

Build Your Muscles At Home Without Any Gym


Push-ups are an effective and efficient way to build muscles in our upper body, trains all upper form of body muscles like arms, back, Shoulders and chests. 

With time you can start doing push-ups on the wall, on the ground, kitchen, gallery, wherever you can. As you grow stronger you may be able to work your way to using the floor as your starting point. 

Push-ups also help to increase your muscles along the triceps and biceps.


Crunches are something you can easily do, it will help you to build your muscle mass in and around your waist. 

You can start with 7 to 10 crunches a day and you can increase some more every day. 

This tactic is proven  to build muscle without using weights or going to the gym.

How To Build Muscles At Home Without Going To The Gym


Squats are the best of all exercises if you want to increase your portion muscular body. 

Squats are good for your legs and your back.It also helps by working in the core, This exercise helps your thighs and ensures that your lower back becomes stronger.

Lifting Weights At Home

You can simply buy some weights or you can use a heavy water bottle, a rack of rice, salt or just make your own. You can lift heavy stones or anything heavy with some weight.

Do some exercise using those weights everyday, it will help you to build up your upper body muscles at home without going to the gym.


Dips are an effective complex exercise as you lift your entire body weight.

 Use your full extension while you perform dips. If you face any kind of trouble while  performing dips you can take someone's help who can hold your legs.

If there is no one to help you and you find it hard to do dips. You can skip this part.

In short, all you have to do to know how to build muscles at home without going to the gym is to walk or run regularly, lift weights at home. Do push-ups everyday. Do full body exercise which includes, dips, squats, crunches, and also Pull Ups.

Build Your Muscles At Home Without Any Gym

But guys doing exercise is not enough even if you go to the gym everyday.

Diet comes first. You will have to maintain or follow a proper and a healthy diet to build muscles at home and look fit plus stay fit.

Follow these tips to know how to build muscles at home without going to the gym

Take Proteins

Proteins are the main source of building muscles in our body when we take proteins, they're melted down into the amino acids and amino acids acts like the building chunks in the muscles.

 They have that power to heal the torn muscles and restore cells in our body. You should always take protein in each meal you consume.

 Note - If you eat for more than 15 hours without protein, you may lose muscle.

How To Build Muscles At Home Without Going To The Gym

Increase Carb Intake

Carbs are a good source of restoring energy back to our body by increasing the glycogen to the standard levels.

 A lot of carbohydrate sources are also very good  in calories, so it will help by increasing your body's calorie intake and make you feel more energetic than ever.

Eat Healthy Food Only

Avoid eating junk food, oily food and soft drinks.

Eat home cooked healthy food, Eat eggs, grilled or boiled chicken, green vegetables, Indian dal which gives protein, Salad, Beans. Just avoid oily, fried, junk food and soft drinks.

Good Luck and if you have any questions, Do comment below.
I will answer all your questions.

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