Things To Do and Not To Do In Navratri

Here`s What You Should Do And What You Should Avoid During Navratri

Navratri is the season of colours, food, tradition, and dance. If you are keeping fast this Navratri, then here are some dos' and don'ts that you should do to  maintain a good health.
Things To Do and Not To Do In Navratri

  • Hydrate yourself

Yoo eat less during Navratri fasting and i am sure that you don`t want to experience dehydration this Navrati, while you are fasting.

Take sips of water, drink coconut water or fresh juices to stay healthy and avoid dehydration.

  • Have A Good Sleep

Your body goes under detox and needs plenty of rest during fast. Therefore, make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours every day. And please try to avoid stress.

  • Do not strain yourself

Keep eating something from time to time and take some rest when you can. Do not strain yourself during Navratri fasting.

Things To Do and Not To Do In Navratri

  • Eat healthy snacks

When you fast, you tend to feel hungry at an very odd time, and then we end up eating unhealthy food. Eat healthy food like makhana or nuts. Also drink water time to time to stop your craving for food.

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