5 Tips To Have A Healthy and Safe Diwali 2019

5 Tips To Have A Healthy and Safe Diwali 2019

5 Tips To Have A Healthy and Safe Diwali 2019

Diwali is the festival of lights, sweets, hope, prosperity and togetherness. It is the time when people even hug and greet their enemies. Indians worship their God, they burn crackers, eat sweets and light up diyas and different kinds of lights.People give gifts to their loved ones.

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But during Diwali it is very important to look after your health, Eat right, avoid alcohol and be very careful if you burn crackers. Crackers can be harmful for health.

Health comes before anything in life. You can only celebrate Diwali, Holi, Christmas or any other festival, only if you are physically and mentally healthy and happy.

In fact i am unwell these days. Because i am also just a human and i can tell you that it feels very bad when your health is not good. And if you are sick or suffering from some health issues during diwali or any other festival, it feels very bad and sad too.

You can only enjoy life if you are physically and mentally healthy and happy.

Let`s talk about how you can have a healthy and safe diwali this year (2019)

Here are 5 tips to have a healthy and safe diwali.

5 Tips To Have A Healthy and Safe Diwali 2019

1. Say no to crackers, Try to avoid burning crackers because they cause noise and air pollution, which is bad for Humans, birds and animals.

Burning crackers can affect your health or birds or animals health. Animals and birds plus small kids and old people do get scared with the noise of crackers.

Also a lot of birds die because of noise and air pollution cause by crackers during diwali.

So avoid using crackers and light up a lot of candles and diyas instead.

2. Eat sweets but don`t eat too much. If you have a problem related to your teeth like toothache, cavity or weak teeth. In that case you should try to eat very less sweets in diwali. Everyone eats sweets in diwali.

If you are a diabetic patient please avoid eating sweets. And if you have to eat it for some reason. Just eat a bit or just a small piece.Too much of sweets is not good for anyone. It can affect your health in a lot of bad ways.

3. Donate something, try to donate your old clothes, food or money tis diwali. I bet you will feel very happy and satisfied if you donate something to poor peple this diwali. You will also receive a lot of blessings from God.

5 Tips To Have A Healthy and Safe Diwali 2019

4. Buy Candles, diyas, lights, flowers and other diwali related stuff from those people who sell these things on the roads.

Instead of buying these things from bigger shops and make them more rich, buy these diwali stuff from poor people selling such things on roads. And also give them some extra tip if you can.

5. Avoid alcohol, a lot of people drink alcohol for their enjoyment in diwali, and later they become sick and suffer with bad health. o it is better to drink water or a small glass of your favorite soft drink or hot drink, instead of drinking alcohol.

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Remember that diwali is the festival of God. Respect your elders. Spread happiness. donate something. Be nice to everyone , Make your favorite dish, light up some candles, eat sweets, pray to God and spend time with your family.

5 Tips To Have A Healthy and Safe Diwali 2019


May God Bless You All with a lot of happiness, good health, wealth and whatever you want this Diwali.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Have a healthy and safe Diwali.


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