Advantages Of Using Social Media To Stay Mentally Happy

Advantages Of Using Social Media To Fight With Depression

The Social Media World Can Change Your Life.

Advantages Of Using Social Media To Fight With Depression

Today i am going to tell you how you can fight with depression using social media. There are are a lot of people who don`t even use any social media platform because they don`t like it.But there are a lot of people, in fact more than 95% of people use social media platform to express their feelings or their talent through social media apps everyday.

We all know that there are some advantages and disadvantages of using social media. But today we are going to discuss about the advantages of using social media to fight with depression.

Depression is a very dangerous thing and it can ruin your life if you are in depression.


BUT DON`T WORRY, i don`t want you to be afraid of anything because today i will tell you some very easy and effective ways to fight with depression using your favorite social media platform.

Advantages Of Using Social Media To Fight With Depression

I am sure you guys use  instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, tiktok or any other social media app everyday.

But the point is how to use  these apps to fight with depression and keep yourself happy. Making  videos on tiktok, youtube or watching your favorite videos or uploading pictures on instagram or facebook is not enough to be happy and satisfied, even if doing this keeps you happy mentally.

Follow these tips to get the advantages of using social media to fight with depression :

1. Watch Things That Makes You Happy and Stop Watching Negative Videos

If you are someone who is in depression or someone who i always sad for some reason. In that case i would like to tell you that watching things or videos that makes you happy can really help you to fight with depression and become a happy person.

All you have to do is avoid watching sad movies or videos. Stop watching things that are full of negativity. For example : people are fighting with each other or killing animals or birds.

Advantages Of Using Social Media To Fight With Depression

News or videos related to murder, rape, fight etc.

Just stop watching such negative stuff and play your favorite movie, cartoon show or anything that keeps you happy.

Watch something everyday on Youtube to keep your mind happy.

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Advantages Of Using Social Media To Fight With Depression

2.  Watch Motivational Videos

Believe it or not but watching motivational videos everyday can help you to fight with depression and keep you mentally strong and happy.

Just go on Youtube or tiktok and search for some motivational videos. Listen to those motivational speakers very carefully and with time you will be able to fight with your fear and depression and overcome it.

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3. Follow People You Like

Go and follow some motivational speakers, Health tips pages, your favorite youtuber, tiktoker, actor or your favorite tv show or cartoon show on Instagram, facebook or twitter.

Follow them, watch their picture and videos. Try to interact with people. Post a comment on your favorite video.

Doing this will keep you happy mentally.

4. Post A Video Or A Picture Of You

 You can also post your pictures and videos on these apps. You can keep your Social media account private or public also.

Posting your own videos or pictures on Youtube, instagram, tiktok etc can also make you famous.

Use social media wisely.


Advantages Of Using Social Media To Fight With Depression

5. Make Friends Online

You can also make make some friends online if you daily post your pics, videos or post comments on your favorite videos. You can also join a group of people and interact with them.

for example : Indian Tv shows like Bigg Boss13 or MTV Ace Of Space are two very famous reality shows. You can follow their pages and post comments for your favorite contestant.

Try to interact with them but avoid fighting with texts with them..

Important : You can make friends online but never give them your personal information like your number or address.

As i said above, use social media wisely and see how you can fight your depression and become a positive, strong and a happy person.

Note : Avoid using social media for hours and hours. You can use it everyday but stop using it for hours because it can affect your physical and mental health in a bad way.

You can contact me on my Instagram, Twitter or TikTok  account. My id is hfbd_deepshikha

God Bless You All.
Keep Smiling.


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