The Best Way To Stay Healthy During This Navratri Fasting

Stay Healthy During Navratri Fasting

There are some ways that you can fast in a healthy way during this Navratri

The Best Way To Stay Healthy During This Navratri Fasting

The auspicious festival of Navratri will start from tomorrow ( 29th-Sep-2019). Fasting is an integral part of this auspicious occasion. Most of thepeople fast for religious reasons, but many people fast during this time of the year to detoxify their bodies and cut back on unwanted calories. 

Amazing Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting during Navratri is not only related to religious reasons. There are some scientific reasons, which highlight the benefits of fasting. 
Navratri is celebrated twice a year- March-April and September-October. Some people keep fast during this period of time of Navrati because of the religious purpose. But some people fast during Navratri and other days of the year to clean up their body and lose some extra calories and also to take out the toxins deposited in their body.

Here Are Some Best ways to stay healthy during this Navratri fasting

Stay Hydrated

 how to make fresh juice at home using fresh fruits. You should make it at home and drink it.Staying hydrated when you are fasting is very important. Water, milk, fruit juices and vegetable  are some of the ways to stay hydrated during fasting. 
Drink water and low fat milk with fruits to stay hydrated.

Avoid Starving

People eat fruits and snacks during Navratri fasting but  there are some people who starve themselves to death. 
The rule is to avoid starving for too long. If you want to detoxify, eat fresh fruits, fruit juice or nuts at intervals. Starving and prolonged fasting can be very dangerous. It can lead to fatigue, weakness. headache and other serious health problems.

Maintain Your Energy

Feeling low and experiencing a lack of energy is common during Navratri fasting. You will have to eat the right and health food to maintain your energy levels.  Eat foods that are rich in protein and carbs to maintain your energy levels.
 When you feel like eating something, go for fruits like bananas, oranges or apples. This will keep you active and energetic. You can also add paneer(cheese), curd or buttermilk to your diet that gives you enough protein.
Consume a Satvic diet which includes a lot of fruits, vegetables and milk. This diet will help you keep your body clean while you are fasting.

 Avoid Unhealthy Navratri Food Items

 Foods like potato chips, fried chaat, and sweets get popular during Navratri fasts but they are very unhealthy. They are high on the salt content and really harmful for your health. Also, consuming too much of sugar in the name of Navratri sweets can be very unhealthy for your health and your teeth.

Avoid overwork during the time of of your Navratri fasting. If you have to be there at work, don’t stress a lot. Don’t stay hungry for long hours. Always keep some munching options with you so that you don’t starve for a long time at work.

Many people follow the Navratri fast to lose weight but while you are fasting, make sure you don’t starve yourself. Pick healthier options and take care of your mental and physical health during Navratri fasting.

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