Easy and Effective Tips To Stay Depression Free

Easy and Effective Tips To Stay Depression Free

Easy and Effective Tips To Stay Depression Free

Here are some very easy and effective tips to stay depression free.

1. Exercise : Exercise every day at home or go to the gym but exercise regularly and feel healthy and good.

2. Sleep : Get a reasonable amount of sleep every night. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every night.

3. Find purpose : Put your focus on something other than yourself. Try to do new things. Or simply develop a new hobby.

4. Make goals : Create a list of goals to achieve, Start from creating a list of small goals. and check them off as you complete them.

5. Music : Listen to your favourite music. Play your favourite music or watch your favourite music videos every day.

6. Be Creative : Do something creative. Drawing, DIY`S or anything you like.

7. Walk : Go outside for a walk every day. Just get out of your home and your comfort zone even if you don`t want to.

8. Reduce Stress : Click here Management Of Stress to know how to reduce stress and stay happy.

9. Kids and Pets : Spend time with little kids or play with your pets.

10. Eat : Eat healthy and eat your favourite food but eat healthy.

11. Pray : Pray to God every day for whatever you have in your life, be thankful.

12. Help Poor People : If possible, please feed poor people. Donate money, clothes, food or whatever you can.

13 Happy : Click here Only 2 Tips To Be Happy and learn how you can keep yourself happy.

If you are highly depressed and nothing helps. Please click on the links given below.

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