Signs That You Are Carrying A baby Boy Or Baby Girl

Signs you are going to have a baby boy or a baby girl

Ways to Tell if You Are Pregnant with a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl

Signs That You Are Carrying A baby Boy Or Baby Girl

Signs You're Having a Baby Boy

One of the most popular topics for discussion is whether that little baby you’re carrying is a boy or a girl. 

Myths and Facts

Here i will tell you few most popular `old wives’ tales regarding your baby’s sex. 
But remember that none of these tales are based on any fact. Instead, they’re myths and are simply for fun But some of these signs can be true also.
Note: There are 50/50 chance that these signs are going to tell you whether you are going to have a baby boy or baby girl. Though, you should be happy and excited to have any one of them.

1. Severe Morning sickness

You must have heard that morning sickness is a clue about your baby’s sex.
With girls, the thought is that hormone levels are higher. And for this reason, you’ll have more morning sickness.
 With boys, you should have relatively smooth sailing in the sickness department.
But the truth is that morning sickness can vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy.
A study published in `The Lancet` revealed that women who had severe morning sickness in pregnancy were more likely to have baby girls.

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2. Heart rate

One most popular myth is that If the heart beats of your baby are per minute are under 140, the baby is going to be a boy. And Higher than 140, it’s a girl.
A study published in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy revealed that there’s no meaningful difference between boy and girl heart rates in early pregnancy.

 3. Skin condition

Some people say that a baby girl will steal the mother’s beauty. But baby  boys won’t give you as much acne.
A similar tale revolves around hair growth. With a baby boy, your hair will be longer and have more luster. With a baby girl, it will be limp and dull.
The truth is that, Hormones during pregnancy can affect all women differently.

4. Cravings

With baby boys, you crave salty and savory foods like pickles and chips, etc. With baby girls, you will crave for sweets and chocolates.
The truth is that these cravings have more to do with your changing nutritional needs.


5. Weight gain around the middle

If a woman gains a lot of weight around her middle during pregnancy, some people think this means she is having a baby girl. They also believe that gaining weight just in the front of the body indicates a boy.
Well, the truth is that Woman gains weight in pregnancy depends on her body type.

6. Carrying the baby high

Myth, Carrying the baby high is a sign of having a baby girl.
The truth is that Where a woman carries her baby depends on her body type, fitness level and her muscle strength.
Be practical, nothing but only time can tell you whether you are going to have a baby boy or a baby girl.
Good Luck.

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