How To Stay Healthy?

How To Stay Healthy ? 4 Simple Tips To Stay Healthy and Happy

I am amazed to see that people are not interested in knowing or reading about health or health related topics.

Health is not valued until sickness comes.

How To Stay Healthy and Happy ?


People are in poor health, they are out of shape. They are to aft but they don`t care much about their health.

It is very important to stay healthy and take care of your health. Value health before you get sick.

Some people suffer from a lot of serious health problems because they eat wrong and because they have a poor lifestyle.

To live a beautiful healthy life you need to stay healthy and fit.

Here are 4 tips to stay healthy.

1. Eat Right

To live a good healthy, disease free life, you have to eat right.

What To Eat

  • Eat green vegetables
  • Eat chicken, meat an fish but don`t eat it too much
  • Drink milk
  • Drink water
  • Drink juices
  • Eat home cooked healthy food
  • Eat chapati
  • Eat sprouts
  • Eat fruits
  • Eat boiled eggs
  • Drink green tea
What Not To Eat

  • Avoid oily food
  • Avoid deep fried food
  • Avoid junk, fast food
  • Avoid Soft drinks
  • Avoid eating outside
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid tat food which can make you fat
  • Avoid consuming too much salt and sugar
2. Sleep Properly

Sleep 7 to 8 hours everyday to stay mentally and physically healthy and active. Avoid sleeping during day time, Try to sleep at night only.

People who work at night can sleep during day. But night time is the right time for sleep.
  • Keep your bedroom and your bed clean and tidy.
  • Sleep with lights off inside your room.
  • There should be no noise inside your room when you sleep.
  • Sleep in a position you feel comfortable.
  • Pray to God before you go to sleep.
  • Eat 1 to 2 hours before you go to bed.
  • Do not use your mobile or laptop while sleeping.

How To Stay Healthy and Happy ?

3. Exercise

Exercise at home or go to the gym but exercise everyday. Go outside everyday for a walk.
Make a routine of going outside for a work and exercising daily.

Stay happy and do yoga and meditation. Keep yourself stress free by doing those things you like.

4. Help Needy

Help poor and needy people. Donate money, clothes or food to the poor. This will bring you peace and happiness.

Respect everyone and spread happiness.

These are some simple tips to stay healthy physically and mentally.
To live a healthy, happy life,. you can follow these tips.

God bless you all.

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