4 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired And Lazy

4 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired And Lazy

4 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired, Lazy or sleepy

Feeling tired, lazy or fatigue on a regular basis is very common. Lack of sleep and doing too much work can make you feel tired and fatigue.

But there are a lot of people who experience tiredness, laziness and fatigue everyday.

Here are some reasons why you always feel tired, lazy and fatigue.

1. Sleeping at the wrong time or Lack of sleep

Sleeping at the wrong time or Lack of sleep can make you feel tired, lazy. fatigue, lethargic and low energetic.

 Sleeping at the wrong time or Lack of sleep can reduce your energy. Sleeping during the day or sleeping in the morning can disturb your body`s circadian rhythm.

 Which are known as the biological changes that occur in response to light and darkness during a 24 hours of a day.

People who work at night or stay awake at night for some reason and sleep late in the morning, suffer more with fatigue, tiredness and laziness.

TIP - Try to sleep at night instead of sleeping in morning or during the day.
Even if you have to sleep in the morning or during the day, you should sleep in the darkness. Therre should be no sunlight exposure.

Cover your eyes with a sleeping eye pad and sleep for a better sleep. If possible, Take a shower before you sleep. Do a little bit of stretching after you wake up.

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2. Wrong Lifestyle

Inactivity is the main root cause of your laziness, tiredness and fatigue.

I am sure that you must have experienced that when you keep yourself busy, when you are active everyday or work inside or outside, you feel hungry, tired and sleepy, which is common but you make a routine for yourself, you sleep on time, eat at the right time.

But when your are inactive or don`t do anything at all or stay home all day, sitting on your couch, watching TV or surfing the internet all day.

 You feel more hungry and you always eat at the wrong time, which also includes midnight. you stay awake all night and sleep during the day, you feel low energetic, tired, lazy and lethargic because you are inactive.

TIP - Try to keep yourself busy everyday, work or do something which includes any kind of  a physical activity, exercise more and more, it will help you a lot to stay energetic, walk, stay active physically and see how your life changes for your good.

3. Wrong eating habits

Eating at the wrong time like eating at mid night or having your breakfast during the day or skipping your breakfast, not eating your lunch and dinner properly or eating your meal at the wrong time can also affect your health and even your mood.

Eating unhealthy food or relying on drinks can also make your body feel tired and lethargic.

TIP - Make a routine and eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same and at the right time everyday. Also you should eat home made healthy food  and avoid fatty, loily and spicy food, Avoid junk food.

Drink a lot of water instead of drinking soft drinks or caffeine.

4. High stress levels

Stress can eat up all your energy and affect your life and health in a very bad way.
Stress can ruin your life.

Work stress or any kind of stress is very harmful for health. You can experience laziness, low energetic and moodiness if you deal with high stress level on the daily bases.

TIP - Bring some changes in your lifestyle. Exercise more, Do some yoga and meditation, watch positive, motivational videos and spend time with positive people. Share your problems with your loved ones to avoid high stress levels.


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