6 Healthy Drinks For This Summer

6 Healthy Drinks For This Summer

Healthy Drinks For This Summer

Temperatures begin to soar too high leaving us all feel fatigued, sweaty, sick and messed up.

Staying hydrated is very important and necessary in summer to beat the heat and stay healthy and fit.

We all prefer to and feel to drink cold water or  juice during the time of summer to feel fresh, stay refreshed and hydrated.

Here is a list of summer drinks to beat the heat and stay cool and refreshed

1. Coconut Water

You can get coconut water very easily in this hot summer weather.

A chilled glass of coconut water or natural coconut water will cheer u up in this hot weather. The mild sweetness and fresh taste makes coconut water just the perfect drink to drink in summer and stay hydrated and feel fresh.

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2. Lemonade or Nimbu Paani 

Lemonade or nimbu paani is very beneficial when you suffer from headache or indigestion or acidity.

Plus Lemonade (nimbu pani) is very tasty and very easy to make at home.

You just have to take a one glass of cold or normal water and add or squeeze an lemon into it, with adding a little amount of white or black salt into your lemon water. Simply drink it and feel refreshed.

3. Watermelon juice

One of the best summer fruits is watermelon. And it is much better to drink watermelon juice in summer. Watermelon juice is super refreshed, damn tasty (delicious), fresh and healthy.

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4. Mango Juice

Drinking one glass of cold mango juice can keep you full. happy, refreshed and healthy in this summer. Mango juice is one of the best summer drinks you can have.

5. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is also one of the best summer drinks you can have this summer. And the best thing is that you can get sugarcane juice very easily and in a very cheap rate in this summer.

Packed with calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and manganese, sugarcane acts as a perfect drink to replenish lost electrolytes and water. Plus it is damn tasty to drink.

6. Mosambi Juice or Sweet Lime

. Mosambi Juice or Sweet Lime is also good for health, it can give you energy when you are feeling low or down in summer. Mosambi Juice or Sweet Lime is healthy and tasty to drink.

Avoid drinking soft drinks like pepsi, coca cola, thumbs up, etc,  too much, Drinking them once in a while is fine but drinking or consuming these soft drinks on a daily basis can be very harmful for your bones and your over all health.

Drink fresh juices or ice tea or lemon water to stay fit, refreshed and hydrated in this hot weather and to beat the heat.

IMPORTANT TIP FOR THIS SUMMER - Keep a chilled water bottle with you whenever you go out. Drink a plenty of water to stay hydrated in summer. 

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