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4 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired And Lazy

4 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired, Lazy or sleepy

Feeling tired, lazy or fatigue on a regular basis is very common. Lack of sleep and doing too much work can make you feel tired and fatigue.

But there are a lot of people who experience tiredness, laziness and fatigue everyday.

Here are some reasons why you always feel tired, lazy and fatigue.

1. Sleeping at the wrong time or Lack of sleep

Sleeping at the wrong time or Lack of sleep can make you feel tired, lazy. fatigue, lethargic and low energetic.

 Sleeping at the wrong time or Lack of sleep can reduce your energy. Sleeping during the day or sleeping in the morning can disturb your body`s circadian rhythm.

 Which are known as the biological changes that occur in response to light and darkness during a 24 hours of a day.

People who work at night or stay awake at night for some reason and sleep late in the morning, suffer more with fatigue, tiredness and laziness.

TIP - Try to sleep at night instead of sleeping in morning or during the…

Delhi Doctor's Strike In West Bengal Case

Doctors Strike In Delhi In West Bengal Case, June 17, 2019

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan asked states to consider enacting specific legislation got protecting all the doctors and medical students and professionals from any type of viooence against them.

DELHI , JUNE 17, 2019

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Sunday, 16th,June,2019 said it will go ahead with its strike on June 17th with withdrawl of non-essential health services actoss the country in the wakr of the recent assault on doctors in West Bengal.

This Strike will start at 6am Monday to 6am Tuesday. (24 hours)

Parts of the country are bracing for a strike by doctors today, on 17th June, 2019, (Monday) at 6am - to be held in solidarity with thr doctors in West Bengal.

This is really sad that some people are taking some strong negative and wrong actions against doctors.

If all the doctors will go on strike in Delhi or in India for a long time of period, you can imagine what will happen to the people suffring ever day from h…

7 Easy and Natural ways To Gain Weight At Home

7 Easy and Natural ways To Gain Weight Fast and Safely At Home

Just like losing weight is hard, gaining weight is also very hard for some people.

But there are some very easy and natural ways to gain weight fast and safely at home.

Just like being too fat is unhealthy and looks bad. Being too skinny is also unhealthy and looks bad.
You can lose your confidence if you are too skinny or overweight.

It doesn`t matter how beautiful, good looking or smart you are. If you are under weight or too skinny, you can invite a lot of health problems and other problems to your body.

Wearing your favorite clothes also becomes hard if you are under weight. Inside of you, you always wish and find easy ways to gain weight, look good and walk with confidence.

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Here are 7 Easy and Natural ways To Gain Weight Fast and Safely At Home

1. Milk

The most easiest way to gain weight is consuming/drinking milk. You can find milk everyday in your kitchen. Milk offers you fat, carb…

Summer Health Problems and Their Solutions

Summer Health Problems and Their Solutions

Summer comes with a lot of health problems. Don`t let the summer heat get to you this season.

Here are some of the most common health problems during summer time, with some useful tips to avoid these summer health problems.

Problem - Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the most common problems of summer time.

Dehydration is caused when outgo of fluids from the body is more than the intake. We keep losing a lot of water from the body during dehydration, which is very harmful.

You can lose water through your body through urination, sweating, vomiting. Dehydration can cause headache, vomiting, tiredness and diarrhoea.


The most effective way to avoid dehydration is to drink plenty of water and fluids. Drink buttermilk, coconut water and juices to avoid dehydration.

Problem - FooT Infection

Foot infection or foot fungus is an another common problem affecting a lot of people during summers.

Foot infection or foot fungus can be caused due to swea…

5 Tips To Keep Your Stomach Healthy This Summer

5 Tips To Keep Your Stomach Healthy This Summer

A lot of people suffer with stomach pain, constipation, loose motions or other problems related to stomach during summer time.

And it feels very bad when you suffer with stomach pain or stomach related problems. Nothing feels good when you suffer with stomach related problems.

Upset stomach, stomachache, and every stomach problem is very common during summer.

Here are some easy ways to stay away from stomach problems this summer

1. Ajwain or Bishop`s weed

If you are suffering from stomach pain or Gastric pain or gastric problem during this summer, Try to consume ajwain (Bishop`s weed) with salt. It will help you 100% with gastric or normal stomach pain.

Take one tablespoon of ajwain  (Bishop`s weed) with a liitle bit of white or black salt and consume it with a normal glass of water. Repeat it 4 times a day for 3 to 5 days.

2. Avoid Heavy and Fatty Food

If you don`t want to suffer with stomach related problems this summer or if you are alrea…

6 Healthy Drinks For This Summer

Healthy Drinks For This Summer

Temperatures begin to soar too high leaving us all feel fatigued, sweaty, sick and messed up.

Staying hydrated is very important and necessary in summer to beat the heat and stay healthy and fit.

We all prefer to and feel to drink cold water or  juice during the time of summer to feel fresh, stay refreshed and hydrated.

Here is a list of summer drinks to beat the heat and stay cool and refreshed

1. Coconut Water

You can get coconut water very easily in this hot summer weather.

A chilled glass of coconut water or natural coconut water will cheer u up in this hot weather. The mild sweetness and fresh taste makes coconut water just the perfect drink to drink in summer and stay hydrated and feel fresh.

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2. Lemonade or Nimbu Paani 

Lemonade or nimbu paani is very beneficial when you suffer from headache or indigestion or acidity.

Plus Lemonade (nimbu pani) is ve…