7 Benefits Of Music On Health

7 Benefits Of Music On Health

7 Benefits Of Music On Health

Do you like Music? Yes? Me too. 

Whenever you listen to your favorite music (song) it makes you feel so happy and alive. Isn`t it ?
Music has its own benefits on your health, listening to your favorite music is very healthy for your brain and your overall health.

Whenever you feel sad or go through a heartbreak, you prefer to listen to your favorite sad songs (sad? oops) or motivational songs and you feel like you have the guts to move on and be happy Right?
 You do the same when you are happy, you listen to your favorite music, and feel on top of the world.

See, this is the power of music. Studies have shown that when you hear or listen to your favorite music, the brain actually releases a chemical called Dopamine, that has positive effects on mood.

Your favorite music can make you feel strong emotions, such as joy, sadness, it can give you strength or make you feel weak. According to some researchers music may even have the power to improve your health and well being.

Here are benefits of music on health :

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  • Improves Your Mood - Studies show that listening to music or listening to your favorite music can improve and lift up your mood. Music can benefit overall well being, help you to regulate your emotions and create happiness, excitement and relaxation in your everyday life.

  • Reduces Stress - Listening to your favorite and relaxing music, ( generally considered to have a low pitch, slow tempo, light music and no lyrics ) has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Try listening to this type of music when you are stressed.

  • Lessens Anxiety - In studies of people suffering from cancer, ,listening to music combined with a lot of standard care reduced anxiety compared to those who received standard care alone.

  • Eases Pain - In studies of patients recovering from surgery, those people who listened to music before, after or during surgery had less pain and more satisfaction compared to those patients who did not listen to music as part of their treatment and care.

  • Music Helps Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder - Studies of children with autism spectrum disorder who received music therapy showed a great improvement in their social responses, communication skills and attention skills.

  • Music Gives Comfort - Music gives a huge comfort to those people who feel lonely, angry, sad, depressed, and music also gives comfort to those patients who are suffering from different kind of illnesses.

  • Music Helps You Keep Moving - The best thing about music is that it has the power to keep you moving. whenever you have do something like cleaning your house, cooking, working or do anything but you don`t feel to do it because you feel lazy or you feel sick, if you play your favorite music on your mobile with or without using ear phones or  on your laptop or bluetooth speaker or radio, and then start working, if you do this, you will feel happy to do your work and you will complete doing your work more early than you have imagined. Try doing it and see if it works.

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