Money or Health

Money or Health

Money or Health ? What Would You Choose and Why ?

Money and Health, both are very important to lead a successful and a happy life.

But if i ask you to choose one between money and health. What would you choose? Keep reading.

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Money can buy you health, yes it can, at least you can visit your doctor for the treatment, if you are sick or going through some major health issues.

But without money? No, you can`t do anything. even if you are suffering from cold and you need to visit your doctor for the treatment, you can`t do it because of the shortage of the money.

 And in such cases you get more sick and sometimes this sickness or any other major health problem can be life threatening.

In short, you need money to stay healthy, you need money to have a good health, to buy medicines for your treatment.

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But, how do you get this money? of course by working, doing a job or something which brings you money. But, to work and earn money, you need  a good health, you need to be strong and healthy, physically and mentally.


Health is above money and everything in life, because only a healthy person can lead a happy, healthy and a successful life.

As i have mentioned above that you need money to lead a happy successful life, but you can only earn money when your health is good and you can do something to earn money and live a life of your dreams,

Even if you work from home, you need at least strong and healthy hands and eyes, etc to work and earn money to buy food, pay your bills, buy shoes and clothes.

Some people are born with silver spoon, they have so much money that they can buy almost everything and anything in life, they have money for their treatment but there are some health problems and diseases which you can`t buy with money also.

Therefore, it is very important to choose health over anything else, it is very important to eat healthy food, do exercise and keep your mental health good by staying happy and being thankful in life with whatever you have.

You can buy anything if you are in good health, with strong hands and legs and eyes, and being strong and healthy from inside too you can achieve your dreams by doing hard work, smart work, by earning money and lead a luxurious, healthy, happy life.

All i want to say is take good care of your health, not just physical, also take care of your mental health to be happy and calm in life.

Note - By being healthy and having a disease free life, you can buy a kingdom, BUT without good health, even a king can never enjoy being in his own luxurious kingdom.

Stay health and happy.

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