5 Easy Home Remedies To Treat Cold

5 Easy Home Remedies To Treat  Cold

5 Easy Home Remedies For Cold

Cold, flu, sneezing, Blocked nose is really a troublesome problem. Isn`t it?

When ever you catch cold it is so hard to breathe, to eat and drink, it`s even harder to talk normally.

Cold is not just a small thing, it can really trouble you and stop you from doing your daily important activities.

 This troublesome cold can also give you headache, block your ears and give you a feeling of nausea. Let`s see how we can deal or fight with this troublesome cold at home, with some easy and natural home remedies.

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Here what you can do to treat your cold and flu at home with these easy and effective home remedies:

1 - Go Drink Up

The best home remedy to treat your  troublesome cold is to drink plenty of fluids. It helps you to break up your congestion, and makes your throat moist and drinking plenty of fluids keeps hydrated.

You can drink Hot Tea, Black or Green Tea, Black Coffee, Chicken soup or vegetable soup, etc. 

When ever you are suffering from cold please avoid cold drinks or cold water, Drink herbal tea instead, drinking black coffee is the best cure to treat your troublesome cold, it will also give you energy and you won`t feel weak.

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2 - Take Some Steam

Your second best and easy home remedy to treat your troublesome cold is to breathe in some steam, you can loosen up your stuffy nose if you take steam at home.

Take a bowl of hot boiling water. normally you don`t have to add anything into your hot boiling water but you put some Vicks Vaporub into your bowl of hot boiling water, hold your head over a pot (or bowl) of boiling water and breathe slowly through your nose.

(Do not try to breathe from your mouth) and be very careful, don`t let the heat coming from hot boiling water, burn your nose or anything. Don`t forget to blow your nose gently before trying this effective home remedy.

You can also take a hot shower when you are feeling down with cold.

3 - Take Rest But Don`t Stop Moving

A lot of people, in fact many people will tell you to take a lot of rest while you are suffering from common cold. Which is true, you need and you should take rest when you are feeling down because of this troublesome cold.

 Your body needs energy to fight with the infection when you feel down because of cold, lying down under your blanket is the best, But if you keep moving even inside your house, if you walk a little bit inside or outside of your house, trust me you will feel a lot better. if you keep sitting or lying down for hours, it won`t help, take rest but try to move a little, stay active.

4 - Apply Vicks Vaporub On Your Neck, Nose, Chest and Back

You can buy Vicks Vaporub from your nearest medical store (pharmacy).

Apply a little amount of Vicks Vaporub on your neck, your chest and your back, also apply it on your nose from the outside carefully. After applying it on your neck, nose, chest and back. try to take some rest. lie down straight. You will feel a lot better than before.

5 - Gargle With Warm Salt Water

One of the best home remedies to treat your troublesome cold is to gargle with warm salt water 2 to 3 times a day. It moistens your scratchy and sore throat and brings you relief, when you sneeze or when you are suffering from cold, it affects your throat, so it is better to gargle with warm salt water.

By adding half teaspoon of salt dissolved in one small glass of warm water at least thrice (3 times) a day to calm the tickle in your throat.

Try these 5 easy home remedies to treat your troublesome cold at home,try them all, and you will feel a lot better, trust me. And you will be able to get up again and do your normal daily important activities.

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