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5 Easy Home Remedies To Treat Cold

5 Easy Home Remedies For Cold
Cold, flu, sneezing, Blocked nose is really a troublesome problem. Isn`t it?

When ever you catch cold it is so hard to breathe, to eat and drink, it`s even harder to talk normally.

Cold is not just a small thing, it can really trouble you and stop you from doing your daily important activities.

 This troublesome cold can also give you headache, block your ears and give you a feeling of nausea. Let`s see how we can deal or fight with this troublesome cold at home, with some easy and natural home remedies.

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Here what you can do to treat your cold and flu at home with these easy and effective home remedies:

1 - Go Drink Up
The best home remedy to treat your  troublesome cold is to drink plenty of fluids. It helps you to break up your congestion, and makes your throat moist and drinking plenty of fluids keeps hydrated.

You can drink Hot Tea, Black or Green Tea, Black Coffee, Chicken soup or vegetable soup, etc. 

When ever you are s…

5 Easy and Best Home Remedies For Dry Cough

What Are The Best Home Remedies For Dry Cough ?
The easy and the best home remedy for dry cough is the one which helps you 100% in getting relief when you are suffering from dry cough.

Here are 5 Top easy and best home remedies for dry cough :
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1. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk, which is also known as haldi wala doodh(in Hindi) is one of the easy and the best reliable home remedies for dry cough. 
Turmeric has Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory properties which helps in treating infections.Turmeric and warm milk when are combined together, it becomes powerful and gives relief to your throat pain, and treats your common throat infections.

You can drink this milk at day time or you can drink it before going to bed at night, Turmeric milk is one of the effective home remedies for dry cough.
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2. Honey
Honey can treat many of your health problems.

Honey is an integral ingredient of many different home re…

6 Easy Ways To Deal With Work Stress

6 Simple Ways To Deal With Work Stress
According to one research, the percentage of Americans who are stressed at work is very high, and it`s getting higher and higher with time. And this work stress really affects their health very badly.

Not just in America, in the whole world, the story is still the same. Work stress is affecting people`s mental and physical health everyday. just because of work stress, people are suffering with diseases like heart disease, headache, depression, anxiety, etc.

Some people find it impossible to cope up with stress and lead a stress free life. But there are some easy ways to deal with work stress, some strategies which people can try to stay stress free.

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Here are some easy ways to deal with work stress :
1. Listen To Music While Driving To Work
Listen to your favorite music, play your favorite song while going to work and while going back home. Music can heal people and change their bad mood into good, Listening to music …

Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 2019

World Mental Health Day was celebrated for the first time on October 10, 1992.

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 It is an initiative of the World Federation Mental Health ( WFMH ), an is recognized by United Nations, World Mental Health Day, Country Leaders and numerous international organisations.

World Mental Health Day is Celebrated on 10th October every year, with the objective of raising awareness of mental health issues all over around the world and also mobilizing the effort in support of mental health.

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On World Mental Health Day, people who are working on mental health issues, get a chance to talk about their work and experience, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people living all over the world.

Mental Health is a very sensitive and an important topic, on 10th, October, people, Organisations, Doctors, Unive…

Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment
There are a lot of people in the whole world who are looking for their mental health treatment. and many people diagnosed with mental illness or mental health problems achieve strength and recovery through participating in individual or group treatment.

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There are many different treatment options available.But what i personally believe is that, to treat one`s mental health problem, love, support, understanding the person is the most important thing.

There are a lot of medication treatment, support group where people with the same mental health issues or those who have faced the same mental health issues, talk with each other and guide each other and help each other, which i believe is the best way for the treatment.

Psychotherapy, case management, hospitalization, peer support, etc.There are so many options for the treatment of mental health issues or mental illness. But, before you decide to go for such options like Psychotherapy, …

Mental Health

What Is Mental Health ?
Mental health is a very serious and a sensitive topic. Mental health includes our emotional. psychological and social well being. Our mental affects how we live, think, behave and act in our daily life.

Mental health also helps determine how we handle stress, ups and downs in life, how we make choices and relate with others.

Mental health is very important for all of us, including children, teenagers, adults and old people.

Physical health can be affected badly if you experience mental health problems.

If you experience mental health problems at any stage of life. It can affect your health, thinking, mood and behavior.
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Many reasons can contribute to mental health problems, such as 
Genes or brain chemistryBad and rough experience of lifeFamily history of mental health problemsRelationship abuseFinancial problem
Mental health problems can affect your physical health and you can get sick or invite diseases. 
Here are some early warning …

Upper and Middle Back Pain

Why Does Your Upper and Middle Back Hurt ?
Upper and middle back pain, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment At Home
Your upper and middle back area is less prone to trouble compare to your lower back. The reason behind this is that your upper and middle back doesn`t bear as much of the pressure and load of your body`s weight, and work as your lower back does.

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But whenever your upper and middle back hurts, it pains too bad, and it also can hurt your neck area and your shoulder area.

There can be many reasons why your upper and middle back hurt. Strain, sprain, muscle pulling. injury to the muscles and your back`s ligaments that support your spine can cause pain.

Overuse of your body, more than your capacity or having a wrong or a poor posture when you are sitting, standing or when you suddenly sit or stand can also be few reasons for your back pain.

Always try to sit straight and avoid sudden movements of your body.

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Lower Back Pain, Causes, Symptoms and It`s Treatment

Lower Back Pain, Causes, Symptoms and It`s Treatment
Lower back painis the most common cause for visits to the doctor. Low back pain can also cause a lot of diseases. Such as cancer of the spinal cord, a ruptured disk, sciatica, arthritis, kidney infections and infections of the spine.

Almost everyone will experiencelow back painat some point in their lives. Lower back paincan be short lived or long lasting. Lower back pain can vary from mild to serve. Lower back paincan make many everyday activities difficult to do.

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Low back pain can come on suddenly, in many cases low back pain resolves on its own within a few days or few weeks.

There can be many causes of lower back pain, it sometimes occurs after a specific movement such as bending or lifting something heavy. Being fat and old can also cause low back pain.
As we get older our spines gets older with us.

Ageing cause degenerative changes in the spine, which can start in our 30s. People aged 20 or…


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Why Health comes first ?
Health is the most important thing in the world. Health comes first before anything else. Health comes first before wealth, and health comes first before love or fame, Because if you have good health you can automatically earn wealth, love and fame.

Without good health you can`t achieve anything in life, and you can never be happy without having a good health. That`s why i say that health comes first.

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What is health ?
As defined by World Health Organisation (WHO), health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Health itself is a dynamic condition which results from a body`s constant adjustment and adaption in response to stresses and changes in the environment for maintaining a calm state of mind.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) pro…

Happy Brain

How To Train Your Brain To Be Happy

Do you feel that you are unhappy with yourself and your life because of some personal reasons?

I know you can`t be happy every time and it is not at all easy to keep your brain happy and in peace.

But do you know that you can train your brain to be happy and handle tough situations of your life.

Here`s how you can start installing happy thoughts in your brain.

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Choose to be happy
Positive thoughts make you happy and negative thoughts make you sad and negative about life.
You attract what you think. And what you think, becomes real.

So always try to train your brain and tell your brain that you are the best and you can achieve a lot of things in life.

Talk to your brain and tell your brain that you will try and work hard to make your wishes come true, instead of being negative and sad.

TRY NOW, Say it Loud that you are the best. You are not a loser.

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Money or Health

Money or Health ? What Would You Choose and Why ?

Money and Health, both are very important to lead a successful and a happy life.

But if i ask you to choose one between money and health. What would you choose? Keep reading.

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Money can buy you health, yes it can, at least you can visit your doctor for the treatment, if you are sick or going through some major health issues.

But without money? No, you can`t do anything. even if you are suffering from cold and you need to visit your doctor for the treatment, you can`t do it because of the shortage of the money.

 And in such cases you get more sick and sometimes this sickness or any other major health problem can be life threatening.

In short, you need money to stay healthy, you need money to have a good health, to buy medicines for your treatment.

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But, how do you get this money? of course by wor…